Sunday, January 21, 2018

year end adventures;

it just dawned on me that it's almost the end of january and i didn't blog about december haha.
the holidays were just such a blur to me and there was just too much going on.
and even though a new year has started, everything feels pretty much the same to me (which is kind of weird).
some days i even forget we're in a new year and it just feels like one continuous year haha.
i don't remember feeling this way in previous years but i guess everything just feels so stable and constant now that it feel continuous.
although i have to say that the first 2 weeks of january was filled with so many changes, things that could change the status quo and just lots of thoughts that i wasn't able to sleep well.
but i think now everything is back to normal. for now.

december was filled with lots of christmas-related activities.
i felt like i was just going from one christmas thing to another (not complaining) and that i had a lot of time to ponder about the meaning of christmas and remember christ in my life each day.
thankfully we didn't have a lot of snow in december too so it was less chilly and more enjoyable in my opinion haha.
typing this after we had a snow storm yesterday and everywhere looks so white and like winter now.
1st presidency christmas devotional 
i just realized that despite seeing the temple square lights on several occasions all throughout december that i didn't actually take a photo of the lights at temple square. so this will have to suffice - the lights at gateway before we headed over to see the lights on temple square
finally got to go to Savior of the World this year and i absolutely loved it! it was the best way to think about christ's life during christmas and some of the songs were really an answer to my prayers about other questions. I especially loved the songs sung by Elisabeth and Zacharias at the beginning which emphasized their faith in the Lord, "I'll give God forever. // Giving the Lord forever means I'll wait and watch and see. // We need never wonder about the Lord." it was just so so so good!
sushi and annual gift exchange with the BFF 
left: christmas gift from the BFF // right: my collection of cute bags. my BFF knows me well hahaha 
photo from my NYC workplace of the treats i sent them for christmas :) 
MoTab christmas concert with these girls! i loved the christmas concert so much this year. the singing was fantastic and i absolutely loved the portion where they had the congregation join in the singing. was such a unique and fun experience
the girls i live for every sunday - our last photo for 2017 before everyone embarked on their christmas plans, etc. we had christmas treats and hot chocolate together

december was filled with lots of church activities in general too so lots of time spent with people i see every sunday :)
winter wonderland ball where there was lots of fun dancing
we love Boomerangs haha
random christmas treats that i made for our Relief Society christmas activity 
lots of food at our activity 
silly christmas games haha
linsie and i look SO happy in this photo hahahaha 
RS hotpot activity after christmas and before the new year
 played more silly christmas-ish games haha

and then for christmas break itself, we headed down to vegas to escape the cold and the weather in vegas was seriously perfcct.
we got to eat lots of asian food, shop lots, see a cirque show and just relax!
it was a much much much needed break and i loved it!
started out with chicken rice for our first meal at flock and fowl 
went to check out the Ethel M Chocolates Factory & Botanical Cactus Garden to see the christmas lights and all. and it was surprisingly pretty cold - i guess i forget that vegas is a desert area after all haha 
the lights were pretty extensive and actually quite pretty 
we've seriously been to vegas so many times that we've seen a lot of the cirque du soleil shows there already. this time we picked beatles love and it was pretty good. i might have been a little sleepy during some of the songs though cause we woke up early and spent most of the day driving to vegas haha
our seats got upgraded so that was super nice. we were like literally right in front of the stage 
we were so close to the stage! 
on the second day we were there we decided to check out the CSI exhibit where it's actually interactive and you actually get to solve a case using the different stations of examining evidences, etc. 
checking the DNA 
it was actually pretty fun going through the different pieces of evidence, etc. even though the case was pretty easy to solve. this is us after we were done and just playing around in the gift store hahaha 
the wedding chapel inside MGM Grand plus a random pretty bell ornament outside of it haha 
missing christmas in my favorite city haha 
went to this relatively new korean restaurant in the area (tang tang tang) before watching jumaji (which was so hilarious by the way). we had some amazing seollongtang! it was pretty crowded too
also had my beloved bossam and so i was just so happy! this wax only like $13 too and they gave us so much! it was so so so so good! i wish we had bossam here too
traveled to go see the seven magic mountains since we were in the vegas area and clearly everyone had the same idea to do it on christmas morning as well so it was relatively crowded haha. it was a really pretty sight. super colorful and it's amazing how rocks can look so beautiful haha 
everything is beautiful when you add color to it 
our christmas meal was kbbq at hobak! seriously love the meat at that place esp the beef! we ate till we couldn't move and skipped dinner for the day haha 
more food photos for the rest of our vegas trip cause lots of that time was spent shopping and there were no photos taken to document how much we spent hahaha. i'm so glad they have Luke's Lobster in vegas now. i seriously could eat lobster rolls all day everyday haha 
had to go get jjajangmyun in vegas since we don't have good jjajangmyun around here and omg i was such a happy camper after this meal! this was at yuxiang korean chinese cuisine and was pretty good
our last meal in vegas before heading back here. we had taiwanese breakfast at yi mei and oh my, seriously just comfort food! we even got some food to go and i wished we had packed more food to go haha

so that was our vegas trip - feeling hungry just looking at the food photos again haha.
and then the rest of the month was pretty chill and i was just super grateful i didn't fall sick (i was sick christmas 2016).
made pineapple tarts the one day it snowed in december
went to watch harry potter in concert and the symphony was amazing! watching the movie with live music was an amazing experience and i can't wait for the next one!
love watching instastories of this girl and decided to drop in to play with her for a little bit <3

so yeah, that was my december.
can't believe christmas was almost a month ago already.
but with the end of january that just means february is just around the corner.
i've been planning out my schedule for Singapore and can't believe how full it's getting.
can't wait to go home and eat all my favorite food, see my favorite friends and enjoy the CNY festivities with family!
the countdown begins :)


Sunday, November 26, 2017

十 & 十一月;

two blog posts in a few days - i'm on a roll haha.
or rather, i'm super behind and am afraid that if i don't blog about october and november now i will get too far behind and before i know it it'll be the new year.
end of november and soon it'll be christmas and then new year's!
terrifying thought.
but it also puts us closer to chinese new year and that means home time!
chinese new year is not till mid-feb next year though so we have to wait a little longer to go home haha. and then the first quarter of the year will come and go by so quickly and will be a blur again haha.

so, october.
we actually didn't do much in october because i was so tired from traveling basically the whole of september haha.
so that's why i decided to combine my october and november update into one :)
we started october with a mid-autumn festival celebration with the usuals -  we did a potluck this time followed by lanterns after.
my mom bought me panda lanterns this year so i was super excited to use them haha. 
potluck for a change so people don't always have to eat our food and can try other people's cooking too haha 
this photo looks too proper haha 
this photo suits us more hahaha 
celebrated BJ's birthday late with homemade fruit tarts 
lantern time
panda lanterns versus traditional lanterns
blowing out our candles on our lanterns
us making fun of bryan's uncle pose. bryan, we love you!

tate and ian had their birthdays in october.
even though we were far away, i got to video chat them for a bit at their birthday party and that was so fun! 
miss our family gatherings!
baby boy is one! 
and then we found that LINE chat has filters so we went crazy playing with them haha 
the cute birthday boy!

the only other exciting thing that happened in october was halloween - the one time in the year i actually sew/try to be creative haha.
this year's costume was so much work and i don't want to sew again for another year haha.
sam and i were pool floats this year - unicorn and flamingo pool floats haha.
and i actually won in one of the halloween costume categories at work this year so i guess all that sewing was worth it haha.
achievement unlocked haha.
cutting the felt into the different pieces took forever and then there was sewing and stuffing, etc. so much work hahahaha
the final product 
the P2 crew 
my coworkers' kids are seriously the cutest 

other october happenings/dinners:
finally had dinner with kristy since she moved up to salt lake 
dinner with this cute pregnant lady :) forever my favorite ex co-worker

the traveling started again in november haha.
this time it was our annual NYC trip and this time, we had jina, christine and jennifer with us!
NYC girls' trip!
and it's funny cause all of us have served or are serving in the Relief Society Presidency so bryan made a comment that that was a requirement to qualify for the girls' trip haha.
it was the first time for the other three so we did a lot of touristy things but it was still good cause lots of food as always haha. and good food at that.
breakfast bright and early at doughnut plant
walking off breakfast at the High Line 
i want some artichoke pizza now 
walking around chelsea market and i wanted this stuffed toy so bad haha 
brooklyn bridge park + brooklyn ice cream factory = two of my favorite things each NYC trip 
this skyline never gets old 
 brooklyn bridge at sunset is my favorite
that night view 
i love hanging out with all my different groups of friends in the city - left: my friends from secondary school; it's amazing how we all ended up halfway around the world, right: some of my favorite people from Asian Ward; it's always so so so hanging out with them/2 hours wasn't enough for us for sure. 
you can't go to NYC and not watch a broadway show

in november we also celebrated sammie's birthday!
i was seriously so busy and out of it this year that i let slip about the surprise birthday party myself.
but that was after Bryan slipped up first so it just all went downhill from there and i blame him haha. 
it was still fun though! and i think that's what counts haha.
birthday meals on her actual birthday
birthday cake #1 plus presents
saturday high tea - so two years ago i told sam we were going to high tea and ended up surprising her with a birthday lunch with friends and so this time she thought the high tea was fake again since she knew a surprise was coming but she was super glad when it was real cause she really wanted to go to high tea hahaha.  
birthday cake #2 - gelato cake from sweetaly 
grateful to have this amazing group of friends - they did an amazing job decorating with what little stuff and direction i provide them with 
our resident birthday cake cutter - keith, please be our cake cutter for life <3 
she's obsessed with giraffes haha 
and now i'm off the hook for another year haha

other november happenings:
working the blogger VIP preview party for the harry potter event at south town with my BFF
annual meet up with this one at UDOT Conference 
presenting at UDOT Conference 
tea bar with becka before her wedding! 
finally getting together to cook with the amazing Lau twins! 
thanksgiving watercolor 
jason & becka's sealing 
the reception - i had to stand by jason for this photo because he was sad i chose to stand by becka in the above photo hahaha 
so proud of the both of you for picking pailletin cake for your wedding cake :) 
power couple - they're both going to be amazing doctors! we'll come visit you both in st george soon!
someone decided to copy my outfit hahaha 
the first time i've seen a wedding car decorated so classy. love it! 
haha this cracked me up 
水煮魚 thanksgiving 2017 - missing the couple that just got married and bryan who studied the wrong chapters for his math test and thus had to stay home hahahaha

and here we are, with one more month left to the year.
where did 2017 go?
time to start reflecting on what i did this year and set some new goals for next year :)
in the meantime, i need to finish my holiday cards and hope the snow doesn't come too soon (although it is already very late this year and i should be thankful).