Saturday, November 3, 2018

i'm alive... sort of

i've been meaning to blog about september for a long time but i've just been soooo busy!
and so here's a september and october update just to de-stress for a little and feel like i'm keeping up with life.
it's been a long long LONG week working till 1 or 2 a.m. daily until i feel like i'm losing my mind.
it's a daily routine for my coworker and i who are working on a media briefing and a big event next week.
we would work in the office until like 8 or so, go home, eat, shower, etc. and then log on again to continue working.
the nice thing is there's two of us so we offer moral support to each other and try to keep each other alive.
but omg, we both really need a break after this.

today is a saturday and i still had a bunch of work-related things to do so i feel so not rested.
in fact, i'm slowly losing it haha.
today i opened my pen to use it and after i was done, i couldn't for the life of me find the pen cap. i looked high and low and in the end, i found it in the bag that i had taken the pen out of - after searching for at least 15 mins.
and then just now, i was frantically working on my computer and my coworker was like 'okay i sent you a screenshot via Whatsapp' and so i turned to look for my phone but couldn't find it when i could have sworn i saw it just a moment ago.
so then i had to go outside and look for it and well, it was outside haha. 
i don't know how i thought i had just seen it. oh well. 
i seriously have no idea how asians do this all the time.
like seriously, work culture in Singapore is just like that - always on the go with lots of things to do, long working hours and no rest on the weekends.

anyway, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and i will survive!
have a short vacation planned right after and i'm semi panicking about that too cause i have not had any time to plan at all.
and you know how much i have to plan haha. 
we'll see how it goes.

looking at my photos from september and october, i think i can divide it up into food, friends, work, church, family adventures, birthdays and games!
all good things. 
the only thing missing: travel hahaha. 

daily affairs at cairnhill community club 
the best pan fried buns evcr from shanghai ren jia. need to go back there again soon. 
zai shun yummyness on a saturday late morning. need to go back there again soon too haha.
homemade korean food
i love the sweet and sour pork from ka soh
we had a few other dishes not pictured here. the salted egg calamari was super yummy!
i would go back to atlas coffeehouse just to eat this again - the atlas super-bowl was filled with toasted quinoa, baby spinach, sundried tomato, oven roasted squash & parmesan zucchini, shimeiji mushroom and roasted sesame pulled chicken. SO good!
we also had the atlas butterscotch banana pancake which was more like a thick hotcake. it was yummy but definitely a little too sweet to finish it all. we couldn't even finish among two of us. 
indian food date with my daddy. we usually go to muthu's curry for indian food but decided to try gayatri for a change. good move cause gayatri's food was fantastic!
zhi char has got to be one of my favorite local food. we have a list of good zhi char places to try. this one (chui xiang kitchen) is located near our place and we would definitely go there again. the fried fish was so good!
my family is definitely one that enjoys good congee and we're the type of family that would rather have porridge with dishes than rice with dishes haha, tried the congee at ah chiang's and it was worth the trip. the congee was smooth and tasty, and the side dishes were yummy too. for the drink, definitely get the ice jelly drink.

september meet-up with these girls. we decided to try another escape room (after our failed attempt in february) and i happily chose the wrong room. i had it in my mind to book the harry potter room and so i booked the chamber of secrets room. but guess what, the upside down room is actually the harry potter room. so in the end we didn't even get to do the harry potter room and we failed to escape again - we were much closer to escaping this time though haha.  
honeymoon dessert to end our night 
ever since moving back to singapore, i think the one person i meet the most consistently is this girl. we try to go out for dinner every other week or so and it's always good to catch up on our lives (even if it's only been a week or two) and rant about life, etc. so grateful to have her around. 
FINALLY got to hang out with Dr. Woo after like 5 months. it's so hard to schedule something with this busy doctor but i'm oh so grateful for any time we get together - when we're together we literally can talk forever and time always feel insufficient. 
the day i spent 7 hours straight with my jc/high school friends. we sang karaoke. had sushi and had dessert together. it was honestly so much fun and it didn't feel like 7 hours had passed. i miss the days when we were in school and would spend that many hours each day together with each other in school. now that we're not in school anymore, it's much harder to find that many hours in a day to be together for so long. 
how did we get here so fast? as we all left to go to our separate cars at the end of the night, it dawned on me that we've really grown up and we're no longer the naive young kids we were at 17 years of age. we no longer talk about silly, insignificant things. instead, we discuss about marriage, houses, etc. hahaha. grateful to have these girls to grow old with.

we got our photos from our work orientation team bonding day and wow we all look so carefree and fresh in these photos haha. needless to say, i think some of us have already aged significantly cause of all the work we need to do hahaha. 
i work with our HR folks for comms-related materials for talent attraction and so i decided to join them at one of their career fairs to see what it's like. there was a lot of nonstop talking all night and i was exhausted by the time we wrapped up at 9. 
our pop-up cafe at NUS 
it's pretty fun to meet new people from different divisions at these events that we organise

stake conference - the two people you see with their heads down are 1. my dad, 2. my uncle, his brother hahahaha 
my mother with my little nephews on sunday - she's waiting for the grandkids hahaha 
yes i still teach these kiddos and each week is a challenge to keep them engaged haha 
brought my niffler to help me teach the lesson and keep their attention
grateful that at least they participate 
when you're busy catching up and chatting with friends but still need to try to catch the nephew on the loose with a missing shoe hahaha 
sunday nephew feeding time hahaha 
i love watching these girls at church - here the older sister is helping the youngest sister with her scripture reading assignment

the flower dome was having a special sunflower exhibition and so i made my family go with me hahaha 
these super trees never get old. this was the first time we were there at night during the lights show at night and it was pretty! they played broadway songs to go along with the lights and i loved it! 
the zoo has this new rainforest lumina thing at night and we got tickets as part of my mom's company family day. the lights were really pretty!
a pig and a panda video calling on a random night haha

now with kids around, we can't have cake cutting and blowing of candles without them wanting to participate hahaha // i love how tate is closing his eyes in the second photo to make a wish. so cute!
happy birthday rissa! 
with the cousins 
a buffet dinner at hotel jen (with the best baby lobsters) and dinner at grub to celebrate the birthday girl
september babies birthday celebration at work 
october babies birthday celebration at work - we have SO many october babies!

remember how i said one of the things i miss the most about america is game nights with friends.
well, i've been so fortunate cause over the last two months i've had several game nights so i need to count my blessings!
and guess what, my coworkers are so great and always want to play games too so i keep introducing them to my games one by one.
we try to play games every friday and it's so much fun!
games at one of my coworker's houses on a friday night where we ended up playing till like 1am haha // i got my coworkers hooked on codenames haha
playing sushi go at home with my family // finally learned how to play secret hitler
felicia, who i used to have games night with in provo all the time, was back in singapore for a bit and so we got together on a sunday afternoon to play games together and it was so much fun! jesmine was in town too and it felt like a mini utah reunion haha

sunset spotted walking to my car on one of the days after work 
this happened
mooncake festival made me miss celebrating mooncake festival with my friends in utah haha. the irony of it all cause i missed celebrations in singapore so i would throw my own mooncake festival parties overseas. and then the first mooncake festival i'm back in singapore was so low key i missed the parties i used to organise haha
took my first sick day from work. but still had to work cause deadlines.  
love living in an actual city again cause skyscrapers.  
my father looking like he 被打入冷宫 hahaha. he wss coughing so he was trying to sleep away from my mother haha
our resident condo cat sleeping so cutely
sarah sent me a photo of baby liam wearing the adorable panda suit i got him and OMG! 

and that's all i have for the last two months.
hopefully next month's update will be on time and that november will slow down after i'm done with my events!
and then it'll be december already.
time seriously is just zooming by. 
and i don't even realize it cause the weather in singapore is summer all year round haha.
i didn't realize how much i've grown to rely on the different seasons and change in weather to recognize the change in months.
for me october and november are usually when it starts to get cold.
and since it's always hot in singapore, my brain seriously still thinks its july/august haha. 

time to sleep so i can wake up in time for church in a few hours.