Sunday, July 23, 2017

birthday month plus nua-ing;

I just looked through my photos from june to trigger my memory so i can blog about june (since july is almost coming to an end, oops) and i think we spent a lot of the month nua-ing haha.
i usually document each month pretty well because otherwise i wouldn't remember anything from the month and all i see in my june album is birthday photos plus a few other random photos haha.
which means that june was amazing cause we spent lots of time just recuperating from that month of weddings haha. 

summer is here with a vengeance haha which means we've had 100 degree weather like super often haha.
since it's super hot, it means pool time as well haha.
i like that we have a pool at our apartment complex but hate it when kids come and disrupt my peace while i'm trying to enjoy a book haha.
i've been able to read a lot more since we've been avoiding doing anything on saturdays now haha. 
we literally think of the hot sun and then rather just hide indoors in the comfort of our air conditioned home hahaha. 
BBQ season is here at the office which means lots of food coma fridays haha. 
and this year, the first BBQ of the season was a little different - we had a taco truck instead and it was messy but delicious.

beef, pork and cauliflower tacos. the tacos were from a food truck called facil tacqueria

besides birthday celebrations, we kicked off the month with an amazing ward activity - asian night market.
seriously such a genius idea since all asians love night markets with lots of great street food!
we had everything from takoyaki to tteokbokki to boba. 
everything was soooo good!
i seriously love takoyaki! i was so tempted to buy one of these things after the activity haha 
food galore
kristy showing us how it's done haha
tim was amazing when single ladies came on haha
and then there was dancing and live music entertainment. it was a really well-planned event for sure. so fun to party with these girls!

so i was planning to have a super low key birthday this year.
i've gotten so whatever about birthdays haha cause it's just another day of the year and i hate turning older each year haha. 
but sam and brison were cute and wanted to plan something for us to do for my birthday so i let them do it haha.
they decided to just come clean and not try to do a surprise cause they know they can't surprise me haha.
we decided to actually do some sort of activity and settled on Top Golf since it's a fun social activity. 
just so you know, i'm terrible at golf but Top Golf is not like real golf.
basically it's like a driving range but there are different colored buckets for you to hit into to earn points.
and there are different types of games that you can choose based on how hard you want the game to be.
if you just choose the classic/easiest game, basically you can aim for the closest bucket and just keep hitting into there to get points. 
keith the pro showing us how it's done haha
kristy is like a really good golfer too so the rest of us just looked like idiots haha
it was actually a really fun environment cause you can order food and eat while you play, etc. and the food is pretty good. the wings are actually really good. 
the group. the lady wanted us to take it with the golf area in the background but the lighting was seriously so harsh
so i had her just do it in the other direction and it was sooo much better haha. 

seriously so grateful for this group of friends.
as i was thinking about the guest list, i realized that for the past few birthdays, i've had basically the same few key people celebrate my birthday with me year after year (when i've been in town) and for that i'm so so so grateful.
i've always been one to be more focused on quality than quantity of friends so i'm glad i've found amazingly loyal friends who are worth the effort and will be there for me always. no doubts whatsoever.

and here's more photos from Top Golf:
with stella and kristy 
my favorite birthday constants! also, now we really only see each other on special occasions like birthdays, homecomings, bridal showers, weddings, baby blessings, etc. hahahaha 
jaymie & jordan - these two are the best and i love how we're so involved with each other's and each other's siblings lives. it makes me happy that we take the time to participate in things that are important to each other // sweet branon brought balloons! so fun! 
jarell jarell who did an amazing job picking out a present that i loved this year // this couple. the best and fun-nest!
and then we all just stood out there and chatted forever. i love the mixing of the different social circles. like although all my friends are from different social circles, we all know each other and so everyone just takes the chance to catch up with each other. it's fun! and then we also had some fun with Boomerangs haha
the boys were like "are you kidding me" when we said it was their turn for a Boomerang hahaha

and then actual day celebrations consisted of dinner, cake and opening presents.
it was chill but great.
it was like a regular friday haha.
had dinner at current (fish & oyster bar) and it was so nice to have some yummy seafood!
started with a birthday High Fitness session on thursday night
special shout out to sam for cooking me 미역국 so i could have this for my birthday breakfast
a cute birthday shout out on the menu // oysterssssss 
clam chowder and the best crab cakes ever! 
they split up all our dishes into two portions for us cause they knew we were sharing. so awesome!
birthday outfit // my stash of presents. and can i just say that my friends did an amazing job with the presents. like with each present i opened, i came to realize how much my friends know me to the core and really took the time to think about what i like or am like and then picked out the presents. like i'm grateful enough for my friends' presence in my life and they add bonuses like amazing gifts. 
and then my amazing gelato cake with kinder, pistachio and cheesecake gelato ice cream layers from sweetaly gelato. best way to end the night!

and there you have it, wayyy too many single photos of me and you're spared of these for another year haha.
birthdays, for me, have become a time of reflection and a time for me to be so grateful in counting my blessings.
seriously so blessed! and can't complain. 

and here are the rest of the random photos from the month to sum it all up haha:
we made father's day brownies for the boys at church 
with kayla at nate's homecoming. it was soooo hot out! 
summer calls for random ice cream stops 
work events

and there you have it, june.
i'm so glad it's pioneer day tomorrow and i get to just nua some more hahaha.
will try to blog about july in the next couple of days since august is going to be crazy crazy!

till then.


Monday, May 29, 2017

and they lived happily ever after;

Young & Gracie's wedding, May 2, 2017 
Vanessa's bridal shower, May 13, 2017 
Tracy's bridal shower, May 20, 2017 
a close-up of the crepe bar 
the beautiful and yummy passionfruit mousse cake 
bridal gift bingo 
opening gifts 
celebrating Tracy! 
cute Vanessa on her wedding day 
Vanessa & Jacob's wedding, May 20, 2017 
i love the concept of putting the little burgers on the wood like that 
cake time haha 
Jacob seriously not giving Vanessa any chance haha
BJ & Tracy's sealing, May 27, 2017 
sneaking in a photo with the bride 
Jaymie's bridal shower, May 27, 2017
working hard at the classic toilet paper wedding dress game during the bridal shower 
and we won haha. we're definitely on trend with the off-shoulders and cute little bow complete with the bling hahahaha 
best wedding reception food ever - endless sushi! 
the cake was pretty AND delicious 
thankful to have tshun as my partner-in-crime to carry out all the bridemaid duties! from running around making sure the decorations were up to getting food for the bride and groom to running to make sure the drinks were filled halfway through eating to cleaning up after the wedding and running to our cars halfway to change out of our heels because our feet were dying haha
BJ & Tracy's wedding reception, May 27, 2017
sending them off with a bang
the bridesmaids and the groomsmen at the end of the night haha. so tired and playing rock paper scissors with eating sushi as the punishment to help finish up the leftover sushi hahahahaha

we're two days away from the end of May and i'm glad to report that we survived the month of May.
as you can see from the photos above, May was literally bridal showers and weddings nonstop.
and when i wasn't attending one of those, i was working or sleeping.
it was rough rough rough but hey, i survived it and my 2017 wedding season is almost over with just one more wedding to attend in July.
i'm so glad it's a long weekend cause i literally have no plans today besides just roll around in bed, read my book and rest hahaha. 
i seriously have no energy left in me haha. 

besides attending weddings and what not in May, we actually found the time to take a short trip to Seattle as well - during the only weekend we were not at a wedding or bridal shower haha. 
we had been talking about heading up to Seattle for awhile now and decided to just do it haha.
and it so happened that May would work the best (the irony of it all) for all of us so that's what we did.
even though it was such a short weekend trip, it was so fun nonetheless to hang out with Jess again.
the three of us together are the best combination ever haha.
we match each other's traveling style so well and our conversations are seriously like never ending haha. not even kidding.
at the end of the trip we were like omg we need to plan another one again soon!
started our trip bright and early and this was the sunrise on our way to the airport
we had dim sum for breakfast at chinatown and then headed straight over to pike place. that is seriously my favorite place. i could spend all day there! 
the fruits omg. so pretty!
we ate so much. the cheesecake at The Confectional was really good! 
beecher's mac and cheese was definitely on a different level 
it doesn't look too special but the smoothness and creaminess. so good! 
the line for this was forever but was definitely worth it! i got the smoked salmon one and it was fantastic 
at the original starbucks 
the view from there was pretty too!
and of course, we had to visit the gum wall haha. these two were chewing and blowing gum till their cheeks and throats hurt hahaha
we had seafood at ivar's by the waterfront for dinner before heading up to kerry park to admire the Seattle skyline 
our view from the top 
pretty skies before sunset 
it was pretty dang cold though haha 
we stayed till the lights came on
and then went and got ice cream at molly moon's despite freezing from the cold haha
on the second day of our trip, we drove to bellevue in search of good taiwanese food and found it at facing east. the food was really good and i'm glad we decided to go there right as it opened for the day cause it got so crowded! 
 gorgeous flowers at the temple
headed over to the temple since we were in the area and it was beautiful 
enjoying having the sun out since it was kind of cold haha 
went to alki beach before we headed to the airport and just kind of enjoyed the scenery. we also stopped at Spud's for some fish and chips on our way out and it was pretty good! 
we got to the airport pretty early so we had some time to just sit at our gate and chat before having to separate for different flights. it was such a good trip despite it being so short and i can't wait for our next trip! Chicago? Portland? we need to plan haha

so that was basically our May and so far we don't have any big plans for June and that actually makes me kind of excited cause i'm such an ah ma and need so much rest hahaha. 
okay i'm going to go back to resting haha.
ending off with some other photos from May:
Japan has so many kit kat flavors! 
view from the 27th floor penthouse at City Creek 
welcome back dinner for Branon! 
meeting baby Kalia 
I had the day off on Friday (my boss said i worked too much in May) and so Jennifer and I got together to discuss a couple of things for church and ended up chatting while eating for like 4 or 5 hours hahaha. it was so so so fun though and then we even went and got gelato at Sweetaly's after and talked some more haha. love this girl to bits! 
finally got to meet Ezra & Carol's little one Kayla and she is THE cutest! so calm and fun too!