Saturday, August 4, 2018

no, nothing's ever perfect, but i still call you mine;

time for a 3-months-since-i've-moved-home check in haha.
i still feel like a banana (yellow on the outside and white on the inside) or as Branon would say, a lemon (yellow in and out with a thin layer of white in between) haha.
i still feel a stronger connection to my friends in the U.S. and love to stalk their IG/chat with them haha. 
but i'm getting there.

i just had my 3 weeks long foundation program (aka orientation) at work (yes, 2 months overdue haha) and so i've made some great new friends and won't feel as lost working with different divisions at work anymore.
more familiar faces to wave to around the office building and more lunch kakis hehe. 
although it was tough trying to juggle my work each day and working till midnight trying to catch up after a full day of orientation stuff, it was all worth it in the end.
first day awkwardness haha 
first day team building
on one of our site visits
at gardens by the bay
my favorites
when we go out for dinner, it's quite an ordeal getting everyone together and finding a place big enough to accommodate us all 
dinner conversations when we're out of office are always more natural and chill

besides work, there's been lots going on as well and thankfully there are photos to remind me amidst the hustle and bustle of life. 
because honestly the days just start to become a blur to me when i follow my daily routine of haha.

- World Cup madness: World Cup time was so fun following all the different teams and their matches! it's too bad the World Cup is only once every 4 years. i loved being back in Singapore for the World Cup again cause people in Singapore are more into it than people in the U.S. are haha. My colleagues and i would talk about the different matches and players each day, and we even got together on a friday night to watch one of the matches together so it was just so fun. 
it's also our daddy-daughter bonding tradition for my sister and i with our dad - something we've done since we were young. 
my colleagues and their bets haha - i don't know how many times i heard them say they were going to quit hahaha // England letting me down sigh and my poor dad not getting much sleep that night cause they went into 30 mins extra time sigh haha

- celebrated my birthday with my closest friends and family
massage and lunch with my sister 
the backdrop that i painstakingly worked on but it just couldn't stay up the whole night sad sad sad // TATE TATE was the star of the night walking all around and socializing with my friends haha 
my greatest support in life (sam missing from this photo) 
my lovely birthday cake from zee x elle // blowing the candles out with the help of my little nephews 

- visits from friends from the U.S. - looking forward to many more visits from more people. that's what i love about having friends from all over the world.
my favorite twins from HK!
so fun to have Wendy in town so we could go eat good food!

- amazing sunsets
especially love the pink sunsets

- weekend visit to River Safari to see my favorite pandas
red panda <3 
always eating like a boss hahaha 
my favorite panda bao!

- visited the local fishery port early one morning: it was pretty fascinating to see an old school side of singapore which comes alive in the early hours of the morning. 
our guide from hai sia seafood
walking around the market
loved the creative sign // they cooked salmon for us to sample 
scallops too! the scallops were really sweet 
stuffing our faces at like 3 a.m. hahaha

- attended the NDP preview show. i think the last time i watched NDP live was like 15 years ago. it was quite a good experience (you can definitely feel the Singapore pride!) albeit the heat hahaha. also, side note: i really really love the NDP song this year! my favorite line from the song: "No, nothing's ever perfect, but i still call you mine." that literally sums up how i feel about my whole transition - it's not perfect but ultimately Singapore's still my home, my #1. <3
melting in the heat  
perfect view of MBS 
fly that flag high 
fireworks against that skyline 
night skyline

- started teaching the 3 and 4 year olds at church: seriously such a challenge for me because i'm not a children person and they test my patience every week hahaha. 

- my nephew is seriously entertaining every sunday because he likes to run up to the podium area and always get quickly removed haha
getting dragged down // sulking haha 
"cheeky smile"

- some of my favorite food adventures
my favorite mini pineapples // geylang claypot rice 
amazing (and cheap!) stingray and lalas // jajangmyun! 
claypot yong tau foo // economy bee hoon! 

sorry for the massive photo overload but i'm too tired to function and think of what to write so this will have to suffice for an update for now haha. 
my sister just asked me if i'm blogging or writing my life story hahaha.
i'll try to go back to blogging once a month so i can actually blog properly and not just do a massive photo dump haha.
happy to call this little island my home