Monday, September 11, 2017

have a magical day;

august was a record breaking month for the number of hours i worked despite taking time off for vacations too.
i was literally 100% billable haha,
it was a long long one but yay it's over now and i think i might be able to breathe a little (just a little) now that september is here.
the year is just zooming by and next thing you know, it'll be the holidays.
so so so scary.
i'm not ready for the year to end!

as everyone was winding down from their summer vacations and getting ready for the new school year, sam and i were just getting started with our vacations in august haha.
we literally didn't go anywhere at all ALL summer but it's kind of nice not to travel when everyone is travelling.
it's nice to have the option to travel during off-peak season - perks of being a working adult haha.

our first travel location for the month was san jose.
it's been a whole year since jess graduated and moved to san jose so it was good timing that we had this reunion trip planned.
it was fun to visit jess and just hang out and eat good asian food all weekend.
san jose has such good asian food - seriously so jealous!
we spent the whole first night chatting till late (seriously when you put the three of us together in a room, you don't really need to even plan anything for us to do cause we can just chat chat chat) and then struggled to wake up and get ready to go out and get some korean bbq haha.
went to gen korean bbq first thing in the morning to beat the crowd and it was great cause it didn't start getting crowded until after we were basically done.
고기 time
got some yummy vietnamese drinks from bambu after lunch and none of us could finish our drinks since these drinks are packed with lots of jelly and what not inside. also where we had a hilarious incident related to two words "that's it" hahaha. basically jess couldn't understand the girl's accent when she asked her, "that's it?" and so she seriously stared at the girl for the longest time before just turning around and asking us what she was saying (jess (after): "i thought she was asking me if i wanted to add some sort of extra jelly") hahahah
i seriously love the pandan jelly in the drink - mixed with tapioca, it's just so good!

headed over to santa cruz after and traffic was seriously crazy and so Google Maps took us through a shortcut of long, windy paths.
finally got to the area and started with this place called Mystery Spot.
it's a visual illusion-based attraction on a short but super steep hill.
it was a really small area but it was pretty cool how things looked crooked when they were actually in a straight line or how crazy unbalanced you feel at certain portions.
it was worth a visit. 
 being able to stand upright at random angles where we look like we're tilting
on the way back down
this is apparently one of the main attractions in santa cruz and is often sold out on the weekends

headed over to the beach after where we wanted to boogie board but got there a little too late so we ended up just hanging out in the water for a little bit and then heading out.
beach time!
can't forget the jump shot! 
sam didn't even go into the water haha 
love the colors at beaches 
hung out at the board walk for a little bit before heading out for dinner 
sunset time 
headed over to this poke place that had a lot of good Yelp reviews and was not super impressed 
dessert at a taiwanese dessert place after getting back into san jose! was so good but omg we were so full hahahaha

so that was day one.
and then day two was more chill.
we still had to wake up early since we had reservations for the Winchester Mystery House first thing in the morning.
the Winchester Mystery House was actually really fascinating.
so basically the mansion (it's huge!) was once the personal residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Winchester.
after her husband and baby died, Sarah Winchester sought out a medium who told her that she must construct a house where the construction on the house never stops.
the medium told her that she was haunted by the spirits of people who had fallen victim to Winchester rifles.
so that was the Winchester mansion where there are doors and stairs that go nowhere, etc. to try to confuse the spirits. 
it was super interesting to walk through and see it first hand, and also kind of crazy to think that she lived the rest of her life lonely without her family and just haunted by spirits, spending everyday focusing on changing the mansion. 
starting the tour 
i wish there was an area we could have gotten a photo to show you the extent of the mansion 
only one small portion of the mansion 
yay us! 
notice the door to nowhere - meant to throw spirits off 
ended our trip with a late lunch at shihlin after church and it was SO GOOD!

and so that was our san jose trip.
short but so fun!

and then the next weekend, starting just a few days after san jose on wednesday, we headed over to florida!
can't believe the news of hurricane irma hitting florida so hard when we were just there less than a month ago.
so anyway, we randomly saw cheap tickets to orlando and decided, let's go!
super spontaneous but i'm glad we did it cause it's been so long since i was in florida last.
but omg, the planning starting right after we bought the tickets up till the trip make me so so so so so excited to be back at disney it was killing me!

we spent four full magical days in florida and it was so great!
so many memories went through my mind and it was just so fun for me.
we did 3 disney parks and diagon alley at universal and so we packed out schedules to the brim, and as such, our legs were just DYING after the trip haha.
but we did everything we wanted to so that was good.
i could go on and on for days talking about every single detail on the trip but i'll spare you the details and just post some of my favorite photos from the trip:
character dining at animal kingdom - those safari outfits!
Russell from Up was seriously my favorite haha. funny story about this part of the itinerary. so if you know me well you know i plan my trips with super detailed hour by hour itineraries. anyway, sam was reviewing the itinerary and she saw meet russell at discovery island and she was so so so confused cause she thought like russell our friend, not russell from Up hahahaha. 
Pandora was seriously as amazing as everyone said it was 
i absolutely LOVED the banshee ride and wished we could have done it over and over again! seriously, the best! 
loved their different types of foods and drinks too. Pandora was just so well done, and i didn't even watch the movie! 
loved the beauty & the beast castle // discovering the citrus swirl -  so good! 
this castle! with the perfect colors just as the sun was setting 
can't beat the fireworks show at Disney!
butter beer everything please 
how sam felt the whole third day hahahaha. we were so drained of our energy by the third day and our legs were killing us. poor sam couldn't even take the one awesome ride in diagon alley! 
seriously just loved how magical this place is!
during the time i worked at Disney World in Florida, Epcot was always my least favorite park but this time, just because they had the following characters, it climbed up the rankings haha: 
sam is obsessed with sadness hahaha so she was delighted to meet sadness 
loved the whole area they had for sadness and joy complete with the islands and the memory balls 
can you spot the two asian ghosts hahahaha
and we just had to stop by china to check out mulan because she never looks asian!

so those were our august travel adventures.
besides travelling, 
we got to tour the new MTC
get yummy desserts at the chocolate with jennifer
hang out with mr. MIA for a moment haha
made this cute diaper filled hot air balloon tower for baby chase
crystal's baby shower was seriously the cutest! and baby chase is just the cutest. 
pretty good attendance for our fish group
celebrated the king's/our korean father figure's birthday with a korean king cake 
he insisted i had to stand in the middle cause i'm the 공주 hahaha 
random sushi night with these girls and the waitress was quite shocked to see like 10 rolls on the table haha. yay for happy hour! 
celebrated the BFF's birthday with some bbq at R&R

i'm impressed i got out and did so much despite my work schedule.
i bet that kind of kept me sane too haha.
it's only the second full week of september and i've already been on the plane twice (two round trips that is).
and i'm headed on a plane again this friday haha.
lots of flying and less working :)
till the next update.