Friday, February 4, 2011

serious running needed next

this is what chinese new year is all about. i haven't been home for chinese new year in so long and i think its kinda lost its awesome-ness for me haha.
i feel embarrassed collecting angbaos because its almost like i've reached an age where people are not sure if they should still give you angbaos cause you look like you could be married haha.
when we go to certain relatives' houses, its really just sitting there eating goodies and watching the boring shows on television.
and then there's the annual questioning session about who you're currently dating and hows school haha.
but i still enjoy the quality family time that we have and this year we've played quite a bit of mahjong hehe.
the goodies drive me crazy though cause all my running is not going to help seeing how many calories we consume at all the houses hahaha.
day two is over and i've gotten quite a lot of angbaos this year. day three is going to be pretty much back to normal i think. happy chinese new year! 
新年快樂! 새해 복 많니 받으세요


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