Friday, April 29, 2011

friday - our no school day each week!

so, my throat hurts! we just spent forever laughing while working on this special project hahaha. painful but hilarious hahaha. i was all high when we went out to walmart to do late night grocery shopping and then when i got home and was all tired, sam was like 'hurry, we need to do this' and i was like bleah 'you should have filmed me while i was high at walmart'
so yes, fridays are my days of no school! but im predicting it won't be for long once my team meetings get in place for my classes and the bradley agency, etc. so yeah im totally enjoying it while i can.
so since it was mine and sam's day off school/classes, i dragged her out of bed bright and early and we trooped down to the gym. look at our ugly fresh faces hahaha:
anyway, we drove to the RB and as we were looking for a parking space, rissa calls and asks us where we are and tells us that the plumber is coming between 10am - 11am and that she's walking to class soon. so yes, we had to turn around and go back to the apartment and just sit and wait for the plumber. seriously.
i would have been fine if he came right at 10am BUT, he still wasn't here at 10.55am and so i made sam call him and he said he would be here in 20 minutes. i was pretty annoyed by then and so i timed him and he only got here at 11.25am. AND on top of that, he didn't even bring the material to change the faucet and had to arrange to come back late afternoon to do it.
we zoomed out of the house to the gym the moment he left. it was good to finally gym after forever but the byu gym has really short treadmills. really strange. anyway, here's proof of going to the gym today haha:
after the gym, it was back to being a filipino maid with cooking lunch hahaha! i had to whip a meal up in 30 minutes since rissa had to go for her temple shift at 3pm.
the afternoon was spent studying for my comms 336 test (which btw dr. plowman sent us an email this evening to tell us to bring our textbooks to class and so im assuming its going to be an open book test. stinks since i already studied! but i rather have it open book any day i guess hahaha), doing laundry,etc (there's so much clothes to wash now that i share the laundry baskets with sam):
i finally got to see shirls today! she was just commenting how we haven't seen each other in 2 years and yet we just live 10 minutes away from each other now hahaha. so yes, i wanted to go to the temple and asked her if she wanted to go too and she said yes so we went for the 5pm session. it was really good! i forced myself to be really alert and so i think i really learned a lot today.
afterwhich we spent a good half an hour out in the cold just chatting hahaha. it was freezing today. it snowed again out of nowhere hahaha. the weather was so nice yesterday we didn't need sweaters!
i feel like im slowly slowly getting used to life here again hahaha.
omg liz tagged me today in an old video of us hanging out 2 years back playing some korean game we loved and hahaha it made me miss the old times so so much!!/video/video.php?v=10150282399783102&subj=602360176
anyway, hopefully i'll find some new friends quick and catch up with old friends too hahaha.
ward opening social tmr - photo scavenger hunt. i think i like them already cause of the photo part hahaha. connecting with my asian camwhore side hahaha.
i have to leave early though for sushi with rob & kersti though so i hope all the fun's at the front hahaha.
k im super sleepy now and so i just want to sleep hehehe.
have a good weekend everyone!


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