Saturday, April 30, 2011

its the weekend!

hello hello it feels so good that its the weekend! so sad that the weekend will be coming to an end after tmr though and then its back to school :(
i got an email this morning about having a team meeting for bradley today but thank goodness it didn't work for a lot of people so we didn't have it. i really need to start getting used to the fact that team meetings are going to start falling on my 'off' days. i just really don't like to mix personal and school hahaha! team meetings should fall on school days hahaha. anyway, im working on the provo account for this term and im pretty excited about that! we're looking to revamp downtown provo into a hip town where people want to hang out hahaha. we've done all the media pitching and presented our strategies and what not and so now its the implementing and so im really excited about that! it'll be fun! and im looking forward to making some really good friends since i'll be spending tons of time with them hahaha.
anyway, i sort of wasted my morning today haha. i was going to do great things but then i got caught up with watching korean stuff and downloading 용서 videos hahaha. so yes, bad bad addiction. and then i had 떡볶이 (korean rice cake) cooked by my sister while doing this and so it made me miss korea more and not want to actually move on to my studying hahaha.
2pm came and we went to the ward opening social. oh yes, it snowed last night hahaha. can you believe that? so yes it was white out today. and because of that, they changed the meeting place for the ward social to BDA #27 and it was tiny for all the people that came! so yes, when rissa and i got there, it was packed and we kinda lingered outside. we did self-introductions first and then when everyone was done, they insisted that rissa and i step in so we could introduce ourselves too. so yes, we peeked in and did so and while i was doing so, someone waves at me and i looked and saw rydge! it was soooo crazy!
we got split into groups and rydge steps out and we chatted for a little bit. he was like, 'can i hug you?' hahaha. (he was my zone leader when we were serving in abbotsford) gotta love post-mission life. and he was like, 'well hello charlotte, you can call me rydge' hahahaha.
so the activity was a photo scavenger hunt and it was WAYYYY fun! there were some really crazy things hahaha. there was one picture where dan was piggybacking dallas and he had erin and i hanging from each arm. and bro burgess took forever to take that picture it was sooo crazy! and then we had to take a hsm jump pose one and it took 3 or 4 tries for us to get that. and then a grocery cart race in the parking lot, posing like ducklings crossing the street in a row, giving a stranger a group hug, getting into a fight with a stranger, etc hahaha. i can't wait to see the picture. i only got one on my camera and it wasn't even an interesting one hahaha. but yeah, the members of our team:
we came in second! yay! we all gathered for donuts and chocolate milk after.
so then i rushed off to go meet rob and kersti for sushi and i arrived first even though i was late hahaha. kersti comes not long after and we go in. so we sat down and waited for rob. called him and he didn't reply and then he texted to say that he would call in a few minutes. we sat and talked till 4 ish and then he finally texted to say he was still in layton showing a house and that the customers were really late and what not and that he was sorry but he wasn't going to be able to make it.
omg, first he stands us up in richmond, bc and now in provo, utah. WOW. hahaha either he really doesn't like sushi or he really doesn't like us hahahaha. well, he owes us double now.
kersti and i went ahead and had our own sushi date anyway:
sushi in provo/orem is just not that good. or maybe im too used to vancouver/singapore sushi sigh.
we ate and caught up real quick before kersti had to fly to the mtc for work.
afterwhich my sisters and i took a trip to costco and university mall. i was supposed to go to charlotte russe just to get my ring changed but ended up getting a pair of jeans too hahaha. oh man. i don't even have a job now!
ANYWAY, the night's just been studying, laughing and talking to my mother over the phone about the upcoming general elections in singapore hahaha. man, we can get pretty crazy when it comes to talking about politics hahaha.
well, back to my PR notes! its going to be a beautiful sunday tmr! we start with RS now though bleah -_-


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