Thursday, April 28, 2011

pretty much a food post

hello its the third day of classes haha.
why do i feel like a month has passed when i've only been in school for 3 days.
so, i did something crazy today and decided to sign up for the bradley agency. my school workload is pretty crazy already but i decided that i need to do all that i can to catch up on my major and get as involved as i can.
i've been thinking about it and i just don't feel like i'll be ready for the real world graduating in one year. i haven't dabbled in PRSSA much and i just don't know much about PR honestly.
anyway, we'll see how it goes. im prepared for no social life whatsoever this term haha.
so, since im pretty much the maid in the house, lunch was leftover fried rice from yesterday plus kimchi pancake. shouldn't have made us each a kimchi pancake cause it was wayyy too filling.
my comms 318 class today was way fun! we got to go to the BYU broadcasting building to meet with the marketing director there since they're our client for this term.
so, quick question, how many of you actually think KBYU and BYUtv are the same thing?
anyway, we got to watch some commercials for some of the new programs they're going to air on BYUtv and im really excited for the reality tv series called missionary life. it brought back so many memories just watching the short clip and omg, we went over the 'i am a mormon' campaign put together by the byu comms dept too and when he put the funnel up on the scene, i just wanted to scream, 'you have no idea how many times i shared that funnel with the members on my mission' hahahah.
so we got a little background information and what not and then we got a tour of the building and its wayyy cool and wayyy nice! class ended with us getting our groups and i've got a really solid group so im wayyy stoked!
this also made my day:
i can keep repeating my cycle of eat, cook, attend class, study, do homework, sleep+no social life if i keep getting graded like that hahahaha.
so i feel like i've been cooking all night hahaha. dinner (mushroom stew - a mission favorite for easy meals) and then 고구마(sweet potato) chips (a mission favorite for snack on pdays hahaha):
and now i really feel like i should do some reading and then go to bed!
am going to the temple with shirls tmr evening so that'll be exciting! we haven't seen each other in 2 years and we've been so lazy to meet even though we just live 10 minutes apart. so yeah, the temple'll be good.
no classes for me tmr so yay!
and just to end it all off, a photo with actual people's faces. and they happen to be some of my favorite people!

oh yes, funny dream to share from last night. i woke up with the song 'marry me' by train stuck in my head and thats cause i dreamed i got proposed to at some beach and then my mother insisted that my ring is very cheap/fake (when my mother was here in town, she gave my sister and i a whole tutorial on how to pick out good engagement rings, etc) so she bit it (apparently if you bite pearls, you can determine if they're real or not. im not sure if it works the same for diamonds but anyway, she bit my diamond ring in my dream hahaha.) and somehow it fell off so i was very upset and made my fiance buy a new one and my mother bit it once again hahaha. what a strange strange dream but absolutely hilarious and crazy hahaha.

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