Wednesday, April 27, 2011

second day of classes

i just cannot believe its only the second day of classes.
i've already completed my second reading assignment for my comms 318 class and after tmr's class i'll be working on my third reading assignment. ooh yay for me hahaha.
and omg, not forgetting that i have a comms 336 test to study for over the weekend. its going to be such a nightmare. we just had our first class today and dr. plowman already wants to scare us with a 100 points test hahaha. yeah, nobody talk to me or ask me out over this weekend thanks hahaha.
something really neat happened in comms 336 today though. i arrived in class early and was just stoning and then danielle nelson walks in! we knew each other from living at BDA two years back. she just barely got admitted into the major and she just barely got home from her mission in december too! so i totally felt like i could relate with regards to the fresh off the mission thing and then she said she just barely moved back to BDA too so yeah, we're going to be best friends hahaha. hopefully we're in the same group for comms 336.
funny thing: while my sisters and i were talking over dinner, i found out that a girl who lives in BDA #11 (chelsea) is in both my comms 318 and comms 336 class and so if she, danielle and i were put in the same group, we could totally have all our meetings at BDA hahaha.
anyway, another funny thing. danielle asked me if i knew an elder yow from singapore who's serving in her mission and the first thing that popped into my head was, 'elder yao' and i was just so confused and so i said 'i don't think so' and she was like 'i'll have to show you a picture some time' and then i got home and while i was cooking lunch, it suddenly dawned upon me that she was talking about bryden yow hahahaha. omg, i totally forgot my childhood friend. im just awesome like that hahaha.
anyway, i took forever to cook lunch today and then slacked around and then we did some house hunting for the fall/winter and omg, granary is soooo nice but wayyy pricey! we saw a couple of other places that were pretty nice too but they're further from campus and particularly further from the side of campus that the 3 of us go to hahaha. so yeah, we'll have to figure things out fast before contracts are snapped up yet again. its so hard esp. when you come in a pack of 3 hahaha.
anyway, i love living with my sisters cause they'll go and get boba and eat at guru's with you randomly, anytime you want hahaha. driving around provo today reminded me of what a party girl i was 2 years ago haha. im so mellow now! i used to go to various random parties at a friend's friend's house/games room,etc hahaha. (i found this out apartment hunting today and realizing that many places look familiar hahaha).
anyway, i've worked hard the rest of the night and am ready for bed right now hahaha.
here's some photos from dinner tonight. it was soooo good. love guru's and their sweet potato fries!

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