Tuesday, April 26, 2011

spring term :)

its been so long since i blogged.
now that im back to school and life is more stable, i think i'll start blogging again hahaha.
first day of classes today and i felt like it was a nightmare.
i feel so out of touch with everything and everyone in the PR classes know each other cause they all got into the program at around the same time, etc. the people i got into the program with are all graduated and so i have to make new friends. well, im sure it'll be okay but now im thinking if i still want to cramp everything and graduate next april or take things slower so that when i graduate i actually know what im doing.
anyway, this term's going to be a killer with 2 major classes and possibly doing the bradley lab. going to comms 318 today was already overwhelming enough looking at the workload for the next 7 weeks.
i realized that after my mission, i've gotten so socially awkward. its terrible. even when i see friends from 2 years ago, im just so so so awkward. i can catch up for a bit but then its like '...' cause i feel awkward and don't know what to say and people feel awkward cause im not normally so quiet, etc.
strange strange strange.
melis came by yesterday and she's pretty much still the same. just married thats all hahaha.
living with my sisters is really good though. its fun.
living in the same apt though and smelling certain scents really brings back soooo many memories.
oh well, im sure this whole adapting thing will get better.
in the meantime, i still really miss this:



  1. ah hahaha. i love the crack egg on mama's head and her expression! priceless! lol.

  2. hahaha perfect expression right?