Sunday, May 15, 2011


it has been a REALLY good day and a really good weekend in general i guess.
today's the one day i didn't feel like i just had to be on my computer. which was SO NICE!
so, i basically had a homework-filled weekend which started thursday night. i worked on homework till 2am on thursday night, woke up on friday morning, went to the gym for 2 and a half hours and then worked on more homework before taking a break and watching tangled with my sisters. and then worked on homework till 2am again.
woke up saturday morning, showered, cooked, worked on homework till 6 ish and then went out to run errands and had dinner at mimi's cafe. so good! i still love mimi's!
p.s. my artichoke asiago chicken pasta thing was SO GOOD!
and we did our regular saturday night grocery shopping run. and then more homework before heading to bed at like 2 ish. im just glad that i have homework all the way up till wednesday done though. i feel a lot more relaxed about the week because of that. so yeah, suffer first but then enjoy after hahaha.
i hate waking up on sunday mornings because im always so tired. but its really my fault since i sleep so late. anyway, i decided to wear my cute sweater to church today since it was chilly yesterday but guess what, it was hot today! provo weather! RS was good today cause we had the lesson on missionary work and i liked the quote from President Monson, "preach the gospel and then use words if necessary" and i just thought, 'wow.'
i was really distracted during sunday school and then i had to leave early to go meet kersti to go to elder dodge's homecoming. it was so weird seeing him again and without his badge! and there were just so many things going through my mind the whole time! the fact that sacrament was at 11am totally reminded me of how the branch hated having the 10.45am - 2pm slot for church and then the guy giving out the programs reminded me of bro. newman from the richmond ward and then listening to elder dodge talk about richmond and the people i love - totally heartwrenching!
was so weird to hug him after and then we talked about the mission and sister orme and sister song are finally split up! im SO GLAD! hopefully sister okada is good to sister song. i love sister song! anyway, can't wait to finally sit down and catch up some time this week. its weird that elder loveland's home too but he's so far away in california so we won't see him till the fall.
came home and ate and crashed for an hour and then had to go to council meeting. and i think i really like my council. i need to be friendlier to everyone in the ward! part of my calling!
so anyway, tonight we had awesome korean company over with awesome korean food by my sister and omg it was soooo good! and it just made me really miss korea esp. since we were talking about dongdaemun and shopping and lots of stuff! it was so good to see my friends from 2 years ago too! everything feels the same but yet not quite. you know. hahaha weird. and omg, tyson and sora are totally going home to korea next summer and so friday clique, we have free tour guides! and they'll hook us up with some sweet deals i bet hahaha. its going to be awesome!
so here's some pictures from the night:
 my favorite couple!
please look at all that good food! my 언니 is the best!
 sonhee and her 소녀시대 poses hahaha
 i actually like this one A LOT!
 and i love the boys for always being so sporting with taking pictures for us!
we're missing liz!
so, that ends the fun and its back to crazy school tmr. and i was going to try to reply some of these letters but the bed sounds really good now. sorry peeps! tmr maybe.
class, work, meet with dr. plowman and then smores for FHE. i hope tmr turns out to be a good start to an awesome week!
goodnight my loves!


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