Monday, May 9, 2011

cough cough

why did it rain almost the whole of yesterday and today?
its spring spring spring and i have to wear a hoodie. thats dumb.
and it doesn't help that i have this terrible terrible cough!
anyway, i know i haven't been good at updating this blog in a couple of days hahaha.

the weekend disappeared just like that.
saturday my legs totally hurt from running around the whole day hahaha.
my sister and i went to ross and target in american fork and i got some really cute shoes!!!
and i finally got a planner too!
yeah and we got boba. this time from the place we always go to and it was SO GOOD! the lady totally recognized me hahaha. she was like, 'did you go on a mission and come back?' hahaha.
we like hung around and watched funny kpop mistakes videos and then we had to go grocery shopping and so by the time i really sat down to digest my day and actually do some homework, it was 10 plus hahaha.
i managed to get my PR case presentation and comms 318 background section stuff done though so that was really good but i ended up like a zombie on sunday for church hahaha.
so, church was good. and then i was going to crash after church but we had to eat lunch and then i ended up having a council meeting till 2 ish and then we had the munch and mingle and so i only crashed at like 3.30 ish and only woke up at 7pm to cook dinner.
went off to ward prayer and then leah came over to chat and paint nails and then i wrote elder tanner and got my mummy's mother's day card and present ready to send and yeah, off to bed AGAIN and i still felt super tired this morning hahaha.
class was just slightly painful this morning and now i have this negotiation paper to write and its 10pm urgh.
k i don't feel like writing anymore about my sad life hahaha. j/k, i just feel like i do A LOT of  homework or spend a lot of time doing it. same difference i guess hahaha.
k goodnight world.
love you

비가 내리고~
음악이 흐르면~
나당신는 색아해~


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