Monday, May 30, 2011

disney reunion please :D

i've forgotten how it feels to be with my disney girls and this past weekend was perfect!
so everytime we look at pictures, the disney girls always complain about how i didn't hang out with them as much hahaha. so, i looked through my photos and found all the photos i loved from our disney days and then other photos from since we've been home and it made me go aww at our friendship. and i think i win hands down at documenting our friendship post-disney hahaha.
fifs' birthday celebration. the most magical day ever! when everyone hated us for being special hahaha
DISNEY GRADUATION. the super duper hot day when we were melting and yelling in fifs' apt.
key west. yes, we look this trashed throughout the whole trip and laughed at the slightest things.
greatest adventure ever! except, the water was cold and the guy dipped us in like ten times!
 a must-have at all our reunions and somehow shirls' ice-cream machine always hates us.

and then we came home from the magical land.
the first time we all met up after getting home from florida
we always seem to go to albertsons and this is fifs trying to tempt kenz to buy the hsm chair!
them being asian hahaha. everyone is so good at it now!
we had a bonfire and we had a lot of fun burning fifs' stack of papers!
tubing down the provo river. it was WAYYYYY TOO COLD!
HENNA TATTOOS! in fifs' basement office that doesn't get any signal hahaha
wow, thats all of us. at zupas when liz and shirls came down from idaho.
in the grocery store and fifs is screaming for help in putting the bear back up hahaha
chilling at fifs' apartment as always! and i like how stitch is in the picture as always hahaha,
aww everyone is all smiles. isn't that so cute! and pegasus is in the picture too.
when we finally got to have dole floats and it was probably past midnight hahaha
fifs whipped up some good eggs! i can't believe we all communed for breakfast!
thats all of us having breakfast and we look sooooo soooo sooo tired hahaha
we went home to do homework and then proceeded to the hare krishna temple for the festival of lights hahaha.
this is the relationship fifs and i have hahaha! j/k
on sunday, before shirls and liz took off. that was one crazy awesome weekend!
this was right around christmas, right before i flew home for the winter break

random day when shirls, fifs and i hung out. i don't remember what we did - thats the weird part
shirls moved to utah that semester and so we hung out a lot more.
liz came and surprised us! and so of course we have dinner at olive garden hahaha!
right after i got my wisdom teeth out and we had dole floats and played games <3
waking up at an ungodly hour the next morning to do a photoshoot hahaha!
getting to jump on the trampoline for free hahaha!
it was such a tawni.shirls.char weekend hahaha!
we died when we bumped into kenz at the festival of colors!
shirls and i at olive garden (again) for dessert before our dollar movie or something
a random monday night when we got together and had pizza and dole floats. i remember it clearly cause i was rushing a newspaper article and had to bring my laptop and do homework at the same time!
we just love pineapple soft serve that much hahaha
this is the reason why we go to olive garden so much hahaha! fifi sarah.
celebrating my birthday at tucanos and getting matching flowers!
we went to watch a disney movie together! (bolt) and then bolted to the disney store after.
right before i left for the summer. also the day mag told me she was getting engaged!

and guess what, its already 2011. i've served a mission, mackenzie is on her mission, fifs is done with her thesis, liz is putting in her papers to go on her mission, shirls is now endowed, maggie is married and is about to have a baby and tawni is almost done with school!
getting sushi with fifs at yamato sushi. and fifs stayed over last night so that was fun!
us having jambalaya for dinner tonight and we had the craziest time watching old videos!
we had this crazy capri sun sucking competition hahaha!
ended the night playing disney pictionary and having dole floats! and we still do the peace signs!
we also still always go to the disney store and do silly things hahaha!

well girls, im looking forward to more exciting things happening, esp. since its the summer (even though it doesn't feel like it *brr). and i really hope we get to do the disneyland trip together. it'll be a great reunion, esp. before mag gets busy with a baby hehehe. love you all

so that was a lot of photos. it was a disney filled weekend and on top of that, i got to spend time with my sisters as well as rachel tan so that was pretty awesome! it was a great memorial day weekend! i hope everyone else had as much fun :)
we had such GOOD sushi! but i really hate raw stuff so i only had the unagi out of this one hahaha
we died laughing when her udon came cause it was massive! it came with that plate of tempura!
sunday dinners are my favorite!

anyway, i hope my week turns out to be fantastic! its week six of the term already yay!
ooh and i forgot to mention that i finally went and bought my temple dress and what not on saturday! AND, ling is coming tmr and she's getting endowed before going into the mtc on wednesday. so excited to see her! and she's going to be an awesome sister missionary!
k goodnight!


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