Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i love new york

i feel like i've been sitting here at the exact same spot the whole day since i've been home from school. not good hahaha. my butt actually kinda hurts hahaha.
looking for research is painful! and i want to do this good too so its like ahhh.
anyway, class this morning was really good. we discussed the royal wedding from the PR standpoint. a lot of PR effort was put into working with kate to design her dress as well as keep everything a secret until the actual day:
it was very fun talking about it and also knowing that PR is really everything, everywhere hahaha.
im really enjoying my PR classes and i hope thats a sign that i made the correct choice of major hahaha.
been really good with reading the new york times and daily universe daily so im really happy about that cause there's so much interesting news out there! im kinda done with the osama thing though even though its only been 3 days hahaha.
met with dr. plowman today and we discussed when im planning to graduate as well as internships and my portfolio and stuff like that and seems like he's all for my plan to finish my major classes by the end of winter and then fly off to this magical place for a spring internship:
so honestly, thats all i can think about now and its so distracting. it would be perfect to intern in NYC for 2 months and just experience the media center and the life! dr. plowman really got me excited about it! i really want it! but that means i really have to slog my life away from now till i apply hahaha. im willing to do that!
actually,  my whole senior year of school looks like its going to be ridiculous and i was thinking, 'where is my social and love life going to go?' BUT i have full faith that as long as im doing what i need to do, that the Lord will make things work. BUT, if marriage is in that senior year plans too then NY might be a problem. but oh well, we'll see we'll see eh hahaha.
k, just one more day of classes for the week and then its freedom! (not really, with the workload i have BUT i have things like plato's closet with melis to look forward to so it'll be okay)


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