Tuesday, May 3, 2011

its almost mid-week!

so, my throat is really suffering now and it totally came out of nowhere!
well, it needs to go away cause im going to get much busier and won't be able to take care of my health as much!
anyway, i really should be sleeping but i need to blog real quick about the day:
  • had thai village for lunch hahaha. pineapple curry was so good but i think its very bad for my throat
  • cooked baked pasta for dinner! turned out pretty good
  • actually really liked class today. learned a lot and 2 and a half hours didn't seem unbearable haha.
  • have a ton of research to do for comms 318 :(
  • got a facebook message from valerie which totally made my day cause i was thinking about her in the temple that day and so i wrote on her wall and i guess it was totally at the right time so she recognized it as an answer to her prayers. she needs to be baptized!
  • oh i guess this is from yesterday but i got a letter from elder tanner :) i can't wait for them to be home! speaking of which, elder dodge and elder loveland will be home in 10 days. crazy crazy crazy!
  • had my first spoonful of manuka honey to try to appease my terrible throat. interesting.
  • watched the mother's day video and felt embarrassed but thought the whole video itself was cute.
  • watched wayyy too many videos of this boy today:
he looks so cute with specs! 용~ and yeah, i love watching running man!

anyway, i really should sleep so goodnight!


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