Wednesday, May 11, 2011

life of a college student: explosion of homework

so... some things about college life im not a big fan of lately:
1. not being able to keep to my rule of not eating after 8pm
-sometimes because of the way my schedule works out or when we're out running errands, dinner is not cooked till after 8pm
-there's this thing called social life and sometimes the best time for people to meet up are at like 9pm to grab an ice-cream together (which is exactly what we did last night)
speaking of which, landon actually got the kong cone. (we were all supposed to but we all settled for normal cones since it was like 9.10pm). and because guys have this thing called pride, he decided that he was going to down it in 7 minutes. (he did it in 5 i think and omg, it was painful watching him)
the first picture when when he just started and the second one was when he was halfway through and his eyes were getting bloodshot.

2. explosion of homework in classes that spoils your weekends
yes, i have a ton of stuff that are suddenly due in the next week:
-comms 318 reading assignment #4
-comms 336 extra credit write-up
-2 PR cases to read plus matrix write-ups to go with that
-Bradley Strategic Plan (okay, we just barely got introduced to the client today and i cannot, for the life of me, understand what fixed wireless is and how exactly it differs from the normal WI-FI we use). im currently still up doing research so that i can actually write the situation analysis and core problem so that everything can flow from there hahaha.
-Individual case presentation+paper. im sad cause i didn't get the case i wanted on hong kong disneyland. i would have been perfect for it! instead, i got my third choice and thats the fashion one. i guess dr. plowman thinks i suit the fashion stuff hahaha. he just doesn't know what a huge disney fan i am plus, hello, im asian, i should totally get the asian case hahaha!
-Focus group transcript
-Focus group results analysis
-comms 318 survey questions
AND, who knows what else will come bursting out when i go for my comms 318 class tmr hahaha since comms 336 just exploded with homework today out of nowhere hahaha.
i honestly feel like i go to school, cook and do homework! yes, don't even tell me i have to squeeze love life in there hahaha. im drowning in homework!

okay, i promise im not bitter hahaha. im still coping really well (strangely) and am pretty cheerful but yes, spring term is so ridiculous hahaha!
on a happier note, kersti and i are going to elder dodge's homecoming talk this sunday and we get to see the isoms too so this is going to be a cute little reunion.
and then sora, tyson, amy and i finally figured out a sunday dinner! and its becoming quite the party with amy bringing sonhee and friend. and then rissa invited leah and i think we might invite zak & dallas?
anyway, it'll be fun to catch up. (but, i have a conference call with my comms 336 team at 8pm -_- that night) and we're in the midst of figuring out our dinner date with rachel tan so i anticipate a crazy crazy laughing session coming up hahaha.

alright, i have lots more thoughts in my head but, im kinda incoherent now so im going to spare everyone the pain hahaha.
goodnight :)


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