Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ling, you will be an amazing missionary!

so i really should be in bed this very moment but i just wanted to blog really quickly about tonight.
early this morning i got a text from ash that said that ling's endowment session is really going to be at 6.40pm and not 5pm and so i was super excited cause i would just have to leave class half an hour early and i can go to the temple and be with ling.
so thats just what i did. and oh gosh, that session was really overwhelming as my sister puts it. right from the beginning of the session i could feel tears coming to my eyes and i wasn't sure if it was cause i thought back about when i took out my endowments before my mission or what but it was just amazing! and to see rach, ash, kesh, clare also there for ling. i just felt so touched cause it must be so special to ling!
anyway, we headed over to the larsen's after for some dinner and chatting and it was pretty amazing to see how passionate bro. larsen is about singapore. he served there from 1969-1970. thats a long long time ago and yet he just still has that love for the people! i want to be like him when im older!
anyway, im so excited for ling! i was telling my sisters and rach in the car about the talk that ling gave in stake conference and man, the spirit was so strong that day! she's going to be an awesome missionary!
the RM sisters and ling after the temple session, at the provo temple. wow, we've all served missions! crazy crazy crazy thinking about it!
ahh im going to miss her!

and this is totally random but i also made pizza today and i put wayyyy too much ingredients but it was good and totally reminded me of my mission when we made pizza!
we like lots of veggies on our pizza hahaha!

it is the 1st of june! (seeing that its 20 minutes past midnight)
ahh omg this is so crazy! its mid-week and pretty much almost the end of the term. wow.
well, im going to sleep so im not dying tmr!


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