Wednesday, May 25, 2011


so, here's a story of how i found out my really good friend is pregnant.
we had gone to do a temple session together today and after the session, me, mag and alex (mag's husband) were outside the temple discussing our after plans.
suddenly, a girl is standing right by us and kinda smiling while politely waiting for us to finish talking.
mag pauses and just briefly said, while pointing to the girl, 'we were in the same ward two years ago'.
she didn't say her name which was kinda weird but whatever.
so anyway, the girl ended up asking us for a ride back (we were totally going the other way but i felt bad so we took her home) and while we were walking to my car, the girl suddenly goes, 'i can't believe you've been married two years and you're going to have a baby!'
and at that moment, my face is so classic and im like 'what?!'
and mag had the most awkward face ever hahaha!
then the girl's like 'omg she didn't know. im so sorry.'
and mag and i were kinda like 'yeah, we haven't seen each other in two years and we were just about to catch up'
anyway, long story short, we took the girl home and as soon as she got out mag was like 'im so sorry you had to find out that way!'
apparently the girl went up to mag in the dressing room and was like 'omg i haven't seen you in so long' and mag's like 'who the heck are you?' in her mind and the girl was like 'the last time i saw you, you were getting engaged' and so mag figured out that they were in the same ward 2 years ago and then the girl's like 'are you pregnant?' and mag's like 'err yeah, can you tell?' and she's like 'yeah the little baby bump' (mind you, mag's bump is totally not visible at all!)
so yeah, thats how the girl found out and omg, we don't even know her name cause mag can't remember!
isn't that the funniest story ever. gotta love these awkward stories!

anyway, it was so good to see my disney girls again. yogurtland was wayyyyy too crowded and noisy tonight. kinda annoying but anyway, it was good to chat with mag and shirls and hear mag's big news! i can't wait to play with her baby! my guess is its going to be a girl! but who knows! they find out in a couple of weeks!

and on a happy sidenote, the gaos said we can stay with them when i go back to visit for a week in richmond so thats awesome cause hotels there are so expensive! and just sitting in the temple today thinking about the people i want to visit while im there made me so excited! can't wait!

well, for now, i need to go sleep so i will be alive tmr for my thousands of meetings plus class and then freedom! its memorial day weekend and im meeting my mtc companion on friday. how fun! its going to be awesome!


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