Monday, May 2, 2011

ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind

just got off skype with my grandmother. thanks to jerms for connecting us!
it was so good to see her smile even though she's in a lot of pain.
 she's trying to see our faces upclose hahaha
i always tell her to smile big with her teeth and she always says, 'siao' which means crazy hahaha.
this was at the end of our conversation! she always enjoys talking to us grandkids & its sad we're all so far away!
this is her giving us advice on who we should marry hahaha!
my grandmother is the most amazing woman ever! imagine coming over from china on boat and losing your only family members you were with while stopping over at hk. she was young and she was all alone but she washed clothes and did hard chores to earn her way to get to singapore. where she raised 5 kids mostly on her own since my grandfather was a sailor. and she's just the most humble woman ever! she enjoys us grandkids the most when we're back in singapore and would always insist on cooking for us and what not. i love my grandmother!

anyway, today was a really good day. i feel really happy. chelsea came over this morning so we could walk to class together. half our comms 336 test was open book. we had a really good PR discussion about osama bin laden's death and i really feel like im not as lost in my major as i was a week ago.
i didn't have to cook at all today thanks to my older sister!
this is what i did after class:
im actually doing pretty good with my goal to read the news everyday! danielle can totally relate to me not being used to reading the papers since she just got off her mission in december too so we decided that we're going to help each other read hehe.
spent the afternoon doing my reading assignment amidst my annoying cramps. ended up having to eat chocolates and chunky monkey ice-cream to help appease my grumpy soul hahaha.
felt so accomplished after i was done though.
had yummy yummy pork noodles for dinner and then we zoomed off to fhe. loved the lesson by dallas but games were kinda lame.
went to the granary to video the place for my parents to see and then stop by rae's on the way back and we just had such a blast chatting hahaha! love rachel tan! she's just HILARIOUS!
she suggested having dinner one of these days and im really up for it soon. nothing like eating and chatting with good ol' singaporeans.
anyway, i didn't get much more reading done tonight but my heart feels overwhelmingly satisfied so im going to sleep on that note and hope i have sweet dreams hehe.


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