Friday, May 27, 2011


first off, lets start with photos from last week's trip to bombay house that i gave up putting up cause my internet was being stupid hahaha. so, bombay house was such a good trip! we got to eat my favorite butter chicken and naan plus kersti and i just laughed till our faces hurt as we remembered crazy experiences and talked about the many people we met and worked with. and omg, we seriously worked with a lot of people our whole mission. its so amazing!  
we actually kinda match!
i think branon was really bored as we talked about things solely related to our companionship hahaha!

im taking a break from reading about the abu ghraib case to update my blog! seriously, reading about the abu ghraib prison is just super depressing! and its really gross too! and to think we have to do a whole final group written case and presentation about that just makes me feel sick. military PR is definitely one I will never go into!
anyway, its friday night! so, for some strange reason, i seem to always 'fall sick' on fridays. last friday, it was the massive chest pain and this morning, my head was just spinning and i felt like puking so bad! BUT, unlike last week, i dragged myself to the gym anyway and was there for a good hour and a half. and then i got home and just wanted to die! i tried to read my emails and stuff and my head just couldn't stay off the table. i tried to make food - turned on the oven to preheat and never got to making it cause i felt so terrible i passed out on the couch.
thank goodness i felt better after passing out for an hour-ish cause i wanted so bad to go to salt lake to meet sister courtright - my mtc companion!
this is her in the mtc!
 and she is still just as cute and sassy hahaha!
we went to this cute little french bakery called les madelaines and it was the cutest place ever with the cutest french pastries ever! everything was so pretty it was so hard to choose! amber ended up getting the strawberry charlotte which looked just amazing and i got the pineapple sponge cake thing. the name was in french and i had to have amber pronounce it for me since she served in france hahaha.
so we talked about life over french pastries and then went on this walk around the block and eventually ended up sitting at the bench at this cute park outside the library across the street. we just chatted about our missions, our dreams, etc. it was so simple and yet so heartwarming! best catch-up session i've had in a long time. its so different from the sit at a noisy restaurant and catch up over dinner kind of catch up session. something about tonight felt so calm and peaceful and natural, i loved it! it was nice that there was hardly anyone else around too plus the sky was pretty, etc.

ended the night with zupas with my sisters. life is good.
and now im off to read more on abu ghraib hehe.
tmr im going to go buy my temple dress! and hopefully get sushi or something.
happy memorial day weekend to everyone! the next time we have a long weekend we'll be in california partying it up at disneyland for my birthday yay! and fifs, mag and tawni are really going to try and make it down there too so im really excited!
well, goodnight my loves!


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