Friday, May 6, 2011

the weekend is here and i have SO MUCH HOMEWORK!

so, i forgot to blog yesterday but anyway.
i don't even remember what i did yesterday so it must not have been exciting hahaha. but i did walk up and down the steep hill like 3 times cause i had my bradley account meeting, came home and then my comms 318 team meeting, came home after and then class at 4pm.
oh, speaking of which, i got my photo taken for the comms brochure thing. i hope it didn't turn out too ugly. everyone kept voluntering me! apparently i was dressed really cute. either that, or comms students don't dress very cute hahaha.
class was hard to get through cause i was just really drained from the day but can i just say again that i love my PR classes cause i really learn a lot.
oh, i had my first experience mincing chicken yesterday! just so i could make fried wantons. life is too hard when you have to mince your own chicken hahaha!

so that was yesterday and then today, i actually set an alarm for 6.30am and 9am cause i wanted to send my sister to work at 7am so she wouldn't have to walk then i would wake up at 9am to go to the gym.
WELL, lets just say that the first alarm rang and normally i snooze my alarm so it would ring again after 8 minutes. so when the second alarm rang and i saw that it was 9am instead of 6.38am, i was very surprised hahaha! i should never sleep at 2am. bad idea bad idea.
well, thank goodness for fridays since i have no classes!
met up with melis to go to plato's closet and omg, i forgot how cheap plato's is and how awesome it is! i got a dress and a tunic top and a dress for sam for just 20 over dollars. life's good when shopping's like that hahaha. and then we went and got frozen yogurt from yogurtland and it was soooo good! best frozen yogurt in town. i got acai, coconut, strawberry and melis got plain tart, coconut and strawberry. and melis got these passion fruit poppers that looked like tapioca pearls. they were so good! they pop when you bite them and out comes passion fruit syrup hahaha. it was so good to reminisce on the old days and yeah, we already have a list of things we need to do in the coming weeks, months, whatever hahaha.
did quite a bit of homework here and there and then went out to get some ingredients for dinner plus went to random places with sam cause i wanted to get a planner.
we went to deseret book (sam thought they had planners) first and i saw the missionary miracles book sister nelson and i used to read each night before we went to bed (and on some days when we had had a rough day, we really hated those stories hahaha). good times hahaha! and then we went and got cupcakes from cupcake chic just cause we were in the area and i hadn't had cupcakes from there in forever.
went to barnes and noble after and they didn't have planners too! sam ended up getting a strawberries and cream drink from starbucks and then we left. we were so desperate for planners we went to office max next door and they had way overpriced planners that weren't even very nice and so i decided i would just get the crappy ones from byu hahaha!
oh and funny thing, on our way to the car from office max, we heard someone calling out my name and we turned and it was melis hahaha!

got home, cooked dinner (chicken enchiladas):
and then my daddy called to tell us about the place he's booking for my birthday trip and im wayyy excited cause the resort is big enough for 8 people ( and so i can have my sisters and my friends with me for my birthday. and i just realized that its the 4th of july weekend so one more day in california! YAY!
ooh, i also found a really cool campaign for my PR presentation ( so life is going pretty good hahaha.
anyway, im off to do more work and i hope the people in singapore are voting correctly in the general elections in singapore now.
goodnight world.


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