Sunday, June 12, 2011


we are finally at the last week of the term. can you believe it!
just 4 presentations 4 days in a row and then freedom! i can't wait. im going to play really hard thursday night, all of friday and all of saturday. i don't even care if im super tired by the time sunday comes. i have to make sure to enjoy myself before summer term starts and im the only one suffering with classes since both my sisters are not taking classes. its going to be pretty miserable for sure.
my sisters and i just decided we're going to have a glee marathon since melissa has the first season and we all haven't watched it. on the list also is to eat at myung ga! and then i'll have to play with the disney girls and morgan and my mtc girls. can't wait!

so, this past weekend has been pretty painful. comms 318 is such a monster at the end! i can't wait to never have to never touch SPSS again! i think we all just followed brawlins when he taught it to us and so when we have to do it on our own we're totally lost. i spent my whole saturday afternoon freezing in the bradley lab with patrick and gabe (and there were annoying ad lab kids watching some japanese movie super loudly!) and i pretty much had a headache by the time i left at 6.30pm. i made my sisters go with me to costco to get churros and gelato hahaha. so good!

other than that, i had a huge craving for nutella banana crepe on thursday and so we went to roll up crepes and satisfied that craving!
i got nutella banana and sam got nutella strawberry. nutella and banana are a perfect match! SO GOOD! sam should have gotten ice-cream with hers instead of strawberries. 
i insisted on the next shot and sam was taking such a long time so this is me glaring at her to hurry up hahaha!
완전 맛있어요! i think the crepe was too big though cause my stomach was really uncomfortable that night hahaha!
 here's one last look at that yummy-ness.

and then these photos are from dinner last night:
the waiter proudly proclaimed that he's a really good photographer and this is what we got. hmm.
sam and her midwest meat and potatoes hamburger. "동생야, 햄버거 먹어면 죽어요" hahaha i just thought of that.
rissa and her fish and chips. the fish was super dry hahaha. i knew we picked the wrong place but it was cheap :(
thats my half sampler. it was okay :(

so, this whole week i've been thinking and dreaming about my mission and the people A LOT and it doesn't help that kersti is in vancouver right now and will be there the whole week! on saturday night, she went with a whole bunch of YSAs to the richmond night market. i can't believe its been a year since sister malmrose and i wanted to go contacting at the last night market. where did the time go?
anyway, and then last night janet wong wrote on my wall, "wahaaaa I just went to eat Korean food with Kersti Spjut ar haaaaa just wish that you were here with us!!!!" it made me so so sad! i can't wait for august to come when i can be there. and sweet sweet janet wong is taking driving lessons now so she'll be able to drive to come visit us in utah! can't wait for that day!

ooh yes birthday disneyland trip in 2 weeks! i cannot wait! i need some disney magic badly! i think i just want to get out of utah and have adventures hahaha!
on a random sidenote, my 2nd "baby" sister malmrose gets home a week and a half from now! and so does elder zimmerman and elder tanner! OMG. i can't wait to see them but it looks like im probably only going to be able to make it to one homecoming talk unless their sacrament meeting times are way apart since we have draper, taylorsville and fruit heights hahaha.

anyway, 4 days to freedom! i should stop blogging now and go join sam chen in lalaland:
p.s. this is what we do on sunday afternoons hahaha. naps are so great! yay for morning sacrament!

and omg, totally random but my stomach is super bloated cause i've been munching on these all day. SO GOOD! and its wonderful that its totally healthy too hahaha. gotta love costco.
don't you just love the name of the brand - food should taste good brand. hahahaha!

wish me luck with everything this week!


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