Saturday, June 18, 2011

goodbye comms 318 and comms 336

im super sleepy and need to go to bed soon but i just wanted to say, SPRING TERM IS OVER! i honestly couldn't be happier. the last few days felt like the worse days of my life as we struggled to get our final project for comms 318 ready.
i went to bed at 2 or 3am every night and was up and in the bradley lab early each morning to work on it. it was such a monster! the final thing was 183 pages! madness! but its all over now and im grateful for the learning experience. i never want to touch SPSS again though. the ironic thing is that we're working on a marketing and PR campaign at work now for our office and nicole and i are coming up with survey questions and it feels like my nightmare might repeat itself.
well, anyway, im in the midst of partying for now and i'll think of that on monday (not excited about summer term with accounting :( not cool)

well, on a happier note, here's pictures from my classes this term:
my comms 336 group - me, diane, heinrich, benjamin and hayley. (and dr. plowman's dog is in the picture too. he has such a cute dog!)
the whole comms 336 with dr. plowman at his house on the day of our final presentation. he has a gorgeous backyard!
my comms 318 group: michelle, nathan, me, whitney, gabe (and patrick's not in the picture) - man, we've been through a whole lot together! esp. late nights in the bradley or just up and sending each other information through emails and chatting on g-chat.

im so grateful for my awesome groups and i definitely could not have gotten by this semester without them. heart <3


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