Saturday, June 25, 2011

i love my chinese elders

we finally got to have chinese food with the becksteads! we were supposed to go to hong kong teahouse for dim sum but it was NOT OPEN! they had some problem with their kitchen. what bad luck. and so we drove on over to state street where all the good chinese food is and went to golden phoenix. we had never been there but the becksteads had so yay.
bro. beckstead's mission president from when he served in hong kong came too and he's super funny! he swears he's seen us at the hong kong temple but im not sure hahaha. mummy and daddy? do you both recall a president wheat?
anyway, the food was pretty good. we had a good variety. we all chose a dish and it was good! we had general tsao's chicken, walnut shrimp, asparagus, beancurd, salt baked spare ribs, hot and sour soup, fried rice. it was a test of my cantonese talking to the waiter and omg, i've lost it all! on the mission i was pretty alright with cantonese and lost my korean. and now that i've gotten my korean back (sort of), the cantonese is gone hehe.

so, i've been spending a lot of time with mission people lately and its been really great!
taylor zimmerman, marcus tanner and monika malmrose are home! i can't believe it! but i had to when i saw taylor last night!
lynda funk was in town and so we got a group together for dinner at guru's. branon said he was going to bring a friend and i knew there was something fishy about that and it turned out to be taylor zimmerman! it was SO GOOD to see him.
dinner was, um,  rough and then rydge, blake and rob left and so it was just the 2 chinese elders, lynda, kersti and i. we decided we would go and crash kersti's ward bbq.
they had fried oreos and i thought it was the grossest thing ever!
the boys enjoying their fried oreos with whipped cream

anyway, we had a good chat while at the bbq and then decided we would go on a nice little walk at the bonneville shoreline trail thingy.
it was a very nice walk and the weather was perfect! and the night ended great hanging out with just the chinese elders. it made me remember why i always loved the chinese elders more. they're just more tame (in a good way) and they are not as rowdy and they treat sisters differently :)
aww 귀엽다! just don't ask me what branon is doing.
a close-up of the group

lynda, kersti and i had a little sleepover at my place last night and it was fun! lynda died in chiliwack so there was so much to talk about and i just love reminiscing with kersti cause we had the craziest experiences together. kersti also shared her vancouver trip photos with me and aww, i miss it so much and i miss sister song!

today was filled with lots of homework. it feels so good to be so ahead with school and its kinda nice since my class syllabus for summer all have the whole assignment schedule laid out for the whole term so i can just get on and ahead with a lot of them. i did a lot today. and also had the chance to go hang out with kersti, branon, paul and his girlfriend for a bit. i told you, i've been seeing the mission people A LOT!
and tmr, i get to see MARCUS TANNER! and go to taylor's homecoming talk too. its going to be fun!

im off to sleep cause im having a hard time keeping my eyes open.


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