Sunday, June 5, 2011

rhythm of love;

the weekend is over :(
i always feel sad when this happens each week hahaha.
but at least i didn't spend the whole weekend doing homework!

friday was really productive actually.
i went to work and then slipped out halfway to go to the iraqi journalists' panel discussion at the brimhall (which was actually really impressive - they had translators and it was so fascinating hearing them talk about their job and how passionate they are about it) and then back to work.
i bumped into ee chien at the panel discussion and we caught up for a little bit. and omg, this is the funniest thing ever. he asked me, 'wait is your dad victor chen or chen kai kuan?' i just died laughing hahaha. i was like 'are you seriously asking me this question?' how do people get that confused!

after work, cooked dinner and then sam and i went to plato's - my favorite place ever and we got yogurtland after just because its right there and its so good!
oh yes, sam and i also watched "she's the man" while kinda cooking and eating and what not and omg, love that show! "And when my eyes are closed, I see you for what you truly are, which is UUUG-LAY!"
cheryl is in town for 2 days and so we hung out. watched "17 again" and omg, cheryl's still the same - always texting 24/7 hahaha. then we chatted for about an hour after and the most hilarious thing happened.
me: so how do you know mcclain?
cheryl: oh we were in the same business class. how do you know him?
me: well he served in my mission!
(some other small talk about mcclain and his chinese)
me: yeah everyone was always talking about 'shi 长老'
cheryl: oh that's his mandarin last name. weird.
me: yeah cause you know like '斯密約瑟' (and cheryl give me the most blank look ever and pauses without replying for a bit)
me: you know, joseph smith.
cheryl: omg i had totally no idea what you were talking about and i thought you meant a book. and... AHAHA you totally overestimated my chinese! how do you expect me to know that!

follow up to that. cheryl commented on one of my facebook statuses and was like 'i don't think we can hang out again until my chinese improves' hahaha!

anyway, i ended up sleeping really late last night cause rissa's friend carly was over for the night and we talked for a long time about very disturbing things hahaha.
and so i totally slept in this morning!
had lunch super late! cooked oyako don which was soooo good! didn't look awesome but it tasted just like it!
worked on bradley lab stuff for our client and then at like 6.25pm, realized we had to go to costco before it closes and so sam and i rushed out our dinner menu for the next week and booked it!
made it into costco before 7pm and then just took our own sweet time since we were already in there.
went and got boba after cause rissa mentioned ctr cafe last night and my boba craving came hahaha. had honeydew this time and urgh, so good!
got a red bean one for melis too so we went and visited her and travis since i had fudge to give them too. we ended up chatting for an hour and a half and it was really fun! we were watching hockey at the same time and the canucks won! yay! anyway, just talking to melis is always awesome everytime as we recall the crazy adventures we had. we're so crazy hahaha. and i just love how everyone thinks we were room-mates when we were never room-mates. travis thought we were and then when i got home sam was like 'i didn't know you guys were never room-mates' hahaha.
grocery shopped at walmart after and bumped into cheryl as we got home.

its sunday tmr! fast sunday! stomach, be nice and don't growl at people in church hahaha.
k sweet dreams!
p.s. i have so many friends engaged i feel like i have more engaged friends than single ones and its almost like everyone just up and got engaged overnight hahaha.


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