Saturday, June 18, 2011


can i just say that its been a great weekend!
at first i thought it wouldn't be too special cause i normally don't have classes on friday anyway but i was wrong.
this weekend, i didn't have to think about homework AT ALL and that was just fantastic. and im going to be able to sleep at 12 plus instead of the normal 2.30am and so church shouldn't be as painful tmr morning. i've slept at 2.30am every saturday night the whole term!

so finals ended on thursday and thursday night i met up with amber! anna was supposed to come but then she bailed. anyway, amber and i wanted to go to this chocolate/ice-cream place and we both drove there and couldn't find it. so change of plans. we went to paradise bakery and cafe and im so glad we did cause we had really good quiche and cookies! i love amber. she's so funny and awesome and cute!
thats us being asian in the parking lot outside paradise cafe <3

thursday night ended with a glee marathon. well, we only watched 3 episodes and then i had to go to bed cause i hadn't had very much sleep in days cause of finals and so i was dying.
friday morning, woke up at stinking 7.30am so we could take my car into the repair shop. stupid air con compresser is messed up and that is going to cost $750 to fix :(
then the sisters and i drove to 명가 (Myung Ga restuarant) in West Valley and had lunch there. omg best korean food in utah! the 갈비 was soooo good! it was marinated really well and then it was my first time eating 탕수육 and i absolutely LOVED IT! everything was just so so good and i was very satisfied hahaha!
our 반찬 - omg the kimchi was so good. almost as good as the one that my parents and i had in this 100 year old restaurant in korea!
us and our yummylicious food
sam's solo shot
so we left very happy people :)
we headed to fashion place mall after and i bought cute shoes for only $10!
had to rush back to p-town at like 3 ish though cause rissa had to go for her shift in the temple.
so she dropped us off at university mall since thats really close to the car repair shop so we could shop while waiting.
well, 4.51pm came (and lenny closes at 5pm so he had to call me to pick up my car soon right) and lenny calls, except its bad news. the manufacturer kept sending him the wrong parts and so he had all the parts except for one which would only come in on monday and so he asked me if we (rissa and i) could share a car for the weekend.
thats fine but then since rissa wouldn't get out of the temple till around 9pm, we were stuck at the mall or we could walk home.
we had rushed all our shopping and so we were pretty much done at like 6pm and so we decided to walk home hahaha.
it took FOREVER but we stopped by marinello's so sam could get her bangs cut, got jamba juice on the way and also stopped by the malt shoppe for cheese fries so it really wasn't THAT bad hahaha. but yeah, i forgotten whats its like to have to walk everywhere. i did that my whole freshman year hahaha.
we were so tired by the time we got home. i just watched glee and then went off to bed.

today was quite the busy day.
had pho and boba at gossip with melissa for lunch and gosh, i love that girl! we just clique so well! and omg, the pho and boba was really good. we got the exact same combination hahaha. mango delight - cubes of mango with tapioca pearls in coconut juice and the beef and meatballs pho.
we HAD TO do polaroids cause its the hello kitty film :)
and then we went to gateway mall to do what we do best - shopping! i love shopping with melissa cause thats just what we did a lot before my mission hahaha.
went to meet my mission friends after and melis was so nice to accompany me there and hang out with me for a little bit till all my mission friends came. love her! and she was so nice and didn't even mind that we had to drive 2 separate cars up cause i was meeting mission friends after.

so yes, mission 'reunion'. it was 6 guys and me. i miss kersti!
rob yuen shook my hand and blake harber almost knocked me over when he hugged me hahaha. what a stark contrast but i love them both!
it was 3 ish and so it had only been 3 hours since i had lunch but the boys were starving and so they wanted to go to tucanos. i felt like i was going to throw up. thank goodness tucanos was too long of a wait and so we ended up going to costa vida instead.
hearing all these boys talk about girls and their love life made me feel just slightly sick. boys and girls are SO DIFFERENT when it comes to love! as alex puts it, boys are like dogs and girls are like cats hahaha.
anyway, we ate and chatted and then decided we would have an after-party at hatch family chocolate (funnily, this turned out to be the place amber and i wanted to go to on thursday night but we clearly had the wrong address cause we found it this time).
we were at the chocolate place forever just talking and i love talking about the mission. there are some crazy stories and some crazy things you can only discuss after the mission hahaha.
and then there was too much talk about kissing and so i wanted to go home hahaha.
i gave blake a ride back and so it was some good catching up in the car. he just moved up to provo on wednesday and i hadn't talked to him since we got home.
the first thing he said to me as we were driving off was, "its so weird being in the car with you like that" and i was like "why" and he was like "cause you're a sister missionary!" hahaha
love these boys.

so yeah, we were supposed to go to su & jay's wedding reception tonight but i got home at 7.30pm and then we saw on facebook that it only goes till 8pm and so we decided to just give it a miss and go grocery shopping. well, we met someone at walmart while checking out and she had just come from the wedding reception and it was like 9 ish and she said it just ended so we totally should have just gone. but oh well, at least we had their gifts mailed to them hehe.

so yes, that was my weekend and im really not looking forward to school on monday. hopefully the first week's pretty chill cause im totally making some fun plans for next weekend with lynda coming into town and marcus, taylor and monika coming home! plus, i already have plans to finally play with morgan! it'll be sweet :)
and then the weekend after, DISNEY!
love the party life!



  1. awwww I miss you too!!! I'll be back soon! Glad you're having so much fun now that finals are done :)

  2. hahaha school starts again tmr though :(