Wednesday, July 6, 2011

dear god...

I read through this while studying for my religion exam today and its just too cute (the character of God through the eyes of children):

  • Dear God: Are boys better than girls. I know you are one, but try to be fair. Sylvia.
  • Dear God: Count me in. Your friend, Herbie.
  • Dear God: Your book has a lot of zip to it. I like science fiction stories. You had very good ideas and I would like to know where you found them. Your reader, Jimmy.
  • Dear Mr. God: How do you feel about people who don’t believe in you? Somebody else wants to know. A friend, Neil.
  • Dear God: If you do all these things you are pretty busy. Now here’s my question. When is the best time I can talk to you? I know you are always listening, but when you be listening hardest in Troy, New York? Sincerely yours, Allen.
  • Dear God: When you wrote the Bible you made up all the words and spelled them the way you wanted. That is great. Most of the time, I do it like that but I am not doing so good. Ron.
  • Dear God: I saw Saint Patrick church last week when we went to New York. You live in a nice house. Frank.
  • Dear God: What is it like when you die? Nobody will tell me. I just want to know. I don’t want to do it. Your friend, Mike.
  • Dear God: Do you get your angels to do all the work? Mommy says we are her angels and we have to do everything. Love, Maria.
  • Dear God: Church is alright, but you could sure use better music. I hope this does not hurt your feelings, but can you write some new songs? Your friend, Barry.
  • Dear God: My teacher read us the part where all the Jews went through where the water was and got away. Keep up the good work. I am Jewish. Love, Paula.
  • Dear God: We are going on vacation for two weeks so we won’t be in church. I hope you will be there when we get back. When do you take your vacation? Goodbye, Donnie.
  • Dear God: Thank you for giving me my Dad and mother. And their children, and dogs and fish. Thank you for giving us the nice world to live in. And eyes to see it, and what we eat and brains to think. Thank you for everything. Love, Maxine.
so precious! this is why we should all continue to live innocently like young children!


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