Tuesday, July 12, 2011


yes, im still feeling really trunky for the mission.
in fact, when i got home from class today, i saw that monika had tagged me in her mission photos albums and just looking at those pictures and seeing those people i love so much, it was hard. and i just haven't really been able to focus lately. i feel like im just doing my homework like a zombie and its taken me a longer time to actually sit down and focus. and when i do, it doesn't last long too.
but don't worry, my homework is still getting done hahaha.

so, the most ridiculous thing happened last night.
each night before i go to bed, i kneel down on my bed and pray.
normally, right after im done praying, i just slide my legs back out and fall asleep.
well, last night i must have been really tired because i fell asleep while praying and then when i became aware of that at who knows what time, i guess i was not awake enough to register exactly what position i was in and so instead of sliding my legs back out, i rolled over so that i would be able to lie on my back and i fell off my bed!!!
in fact, if you're familiar with my room, i fell into the hole between my bed and my table and crashed into the fan and my trash can. ouch.
and at that point of time, my legs were numb from kneeling forever and so it was just a very painful experience getting back into bed. but i did and i just fell back asleep really fast so i guess i really was tired.
yeah so now my right arm really hurts.
i keep laughing about it and sam is just about ready to kill me because i can't stop everytime i think about it.
hey! im just trying to apply the 'come what may and love it' principle here okay hahaha.

so its only tuesday but im glad its almost the end of the day hahaha. i was having the hardest time focusing in my morning class today. its a really interesting class but when its just the professor talking about 2 hours plus straight, its just hard to stay completely focused throughout it all, esp. when i seem to be having an extra hard time focusing lately (its driving me crazy cause i've never had such a problem!)
its wednesday tmr! midweek! class in the morning and then off to the temple with kersti in the afternoon. i haven't been in awhile so it'll be good!
i've been so touched by my friends lately!
on sunday (the day i was just overwhelmed and super emotional), rissa opened the mailbox and i got my birthday present from liz kang. she bought me hello kitty jammies. they're SO CUTE and they're from my favorite place (vancouver) too hahaha.
and then melis came by yesterday to pass me my present too and omg, that girl knows me so well:
i haven't had the chance to shop for new headbands in a long time and so im SO excited to wear these!
and then she stayed and chatted for an hour ish and i was so grateful to be able to talk to her and ask for her advice on certain stuff. i also finally got to hear the proposal story because yesterday one year ago, travis proposed to her hahaha.
ooh and guess what, to celebrate that, at night, travis surprised her with a tandem bike ride and they came by and said hi with their cute tandem bike. those 2 are so cute!
anyway, melis and i are starting/continuing (if you count gossip as stop #1) our little tradition of going to different asian restaurants around utah (like a little tour) on friday! this time, we're going to spicy thai in provo. i hope its good! so excited! also cause after lunch we're going to go do what we do best - shop at plato's and ross hahaha!

so yeah, till then, i will be home doing my homework and being a good student hahaha!
hopefully i'll get to hang out with mission people again this weekend before lynda leaves to go back to texas next tuesday :(
i need to keep myself occupied with fun stuff too so i don't kill myself doing summer school and so i don't think too much about how jealous i am that my older sister is hanging out in singapore now hahaha.



  1. I felt the same way looking at Monika's pictures!

  2. i can always count on you when i feel trunky/sad/emotional, etc hahaha