Sunday, July 17, 2011

baby, you're a firework

im really sleepy but i've been wanting to update my blog all weekend and just never really got down to it.
on a random sidenote, sam is snoring super loudly while im lying on my bed typing this hahaha.

this past week passed so fast and then the weekend did too.
for some strange reason, i was really excited for thursday to come because that meant the start of my weekend!
did homework all of thursday night since i knew i wasn't going to be doing any of that on friday. and went to bed right as the midnight showing of harry potter started hahaha. i totally thought i was going to go but i decided that im too old for stuff like that hahaha. i need my sleep and i have no tolerance for noisy, annoying people who act stupid hahaha.

so sam and i went to the 9.45am showing on friday morning and it was really good! i never got down to reading the last book and would always have to cover my ears when people talked about it cause i didn't want anyone to spoil the ending for me and so i was really excited to see the show! well, it was very exciting and i enjoyed it very much (except for the fact that we were pretty close to the front and that made me kinda dizzy after).

melissa and i spent our afternoon having thai food (spicy thai) and shopping at plato's in draper.
they have super good lunch specials for just $5.99! we had the pineapple red curry and it was SO GOOD! smaller portions than thai village but much tastier! we left really stuffed!

and then fifs texted me right when i got home cause she was in provo and so we had dinner together. we always have such perfect timing! it was so amazing how i didn't already have plans!
i love this first photo! we were on our way to beauty express and this caught her eye as we were passing claire's hahaha! SO ridiculous!
grilled shrimp and asparagus ravioli. super super tasty even though the prawns look like albino prawns hahaha!
chicken provence. super tasty too but too much mashed potatoes which fifs said was very tasteless hehe
i got the santa fe shrimp and chicken fettucine and it was very disappointing. i should have just stuck to what i had the last time cause that was so yummy!
yay to dining at mimi's cafe! we love french food! i esp. love their carrot raisin bread. so good!

saturday (day):
costco in the morning is super crowded!
grocery shopping at walmart is much better in the day
lunch at yamato's ( i love good sushi!)
sam and her california roll hahaha
i had the calamari roll again. omg so good!
i was really good after sending sam to work and did homework straight for a few hours before picking sam up and bringing her to the grocery store so she could pick up a movie and string cheese to entertain herself for the night while i was gone. felt like i was making sure my kid was taken care of hahaha!

drove to draper
got a text from kersti right as i got to taylor's house inviting me to hang out with rob, brett, marcus, rydge in magna (i was super bummed that i couldn't go cause i love brett salmon and he's only in town till tmr but at least i got to talk to him on the phone)
frogurt=yogurtland (taylor will survive just fine in provo/orem hahaha)
draper days - lots of walking and talking (discipling kids, wedding colors - red & black, green and gold [i was thinking pastel green and him emerald green so i was like 'eew'], future house interior design and just crazy, random topics), feather hair extensions (taylor cannot understand the fashion trend), spotting taylor's family and walking by and getting "caught" haha, meeting old friends as well as people he didn't want to see, spotting the missionaries in the crowd and wondering why they weren't home planning for the next day since it was almost 9.30pm hahaha, sitting on a blanket listening to live music, bridger swinging his little light saber in our faces and screaming "expelliarmus" and "stupidfy" (instead of stupefy) and we had to make silly faces each time he pointed at us and screamed "stupidfy" hahaha, kenzie showing us her gymnastics and chatting with us, moving to a different spot to watch the fireworks with bridger on taylor's back and bridger being silly by leaning back and freaking me out, kenzie and bridger lying down on the blanket and covering themselves with it (cutest thing ever) while waiting for the fireworks, beautiful fireworks with firework by katy perry playing in the background hahaha, etc
getting home at 1am and not feeling sleepy at all but dying this morning when i had to wake up.

i have not been to my own ward in 4 weeks omg.
monika's homecoming - she gave the most amazing talk ever! love her!
sunday nap
dinner at aunt julie's
facial and waxing
got introduced to konrad
pineapple tarts (yum. i miss chinese new year)
a new week lies ahead and im just a little tired but next weekend is a long weekend!
going running with the angs tmr night and im excited!
ooh, last and best picture to end this off:
finally made it to the temple with kersti and we went to mt timp! the last time i was there i was getting endowed! crazy! it was such a gorgeous day!

and now im REALLY SLEEPY so im off to bed!



  1. love it! 你真太可爱了!

  2. hahaha my blog posts always end up so long when i really meant to just write about my weekend hahaha!