Sunday, July 31, 2011

its been a good weekend

its been a really good weekend.
its funny cause i feel like at the end of spring term i was dying with the work load from school but its the end of summer term now and there doesn't seem to be as much going on. there's pretty much nothing super big left till finals next week.
i cannot believe tmr is the first of august and that its the last full week of school too. unbelievable! FIRST OF AUGUST! thats the eighth month of the year. soon it'll be christmas and yet another year will be over. ahh.
so technically my weekend kinda started from wednesday hahaha. i was super free last weekend and so i did a ton of homework so i just didn't have much to do by wednesday and fifi came and stayed the night on wednesday so i was in play mode from then on.

wednesday night:
we decided to make a trip to trafalga for some mini golfing. it was a really good deal! we did the diamond date thing and so we paid $12.50 for mini golf, some xd ride, go karts, 14 arcade tokens and a regular dippin' dots. we got there at around 9 ish and were there till they closed at midnight. we could have done another round of mini golf if they weren't closing!
fifi and i all excited for our indoor black light mini golfing
there was a huge group in front of us and they were super slow so we spent a lot of time taking photos while waiting hahaha
sam had never been mini golfing and stuff
i was so green that night hahaha
that was us at the end of the night with all our tickets from playing the arcade games and our dippin' dots. we had so few tickets we each ended up getting a finger monster that is actually really pretty ugly hahaha.
i had SO MUCH fun though and would totally randomly do it again hahaha.

it was a pain waking up for my 8.30am class but thank goodness dr. thomsen let us off pretty early and so it wasn't that bad.
came home and did accounting for a bit before going to lunch with fifs and shirls
we were starving! here's shirls and fifs with their burgers at red robin. i haven't seen shirls this happy in a long time! and im glad things are working out for her! 
huge burgers which we somehow managed to finish because we were just so hungry!
we were trying to digest our food and so we walked into this asian gifts store and fifi just likes to try on the weirdest things hahaha. im so gonna miss this girl when she moves in 2 weeks!
we came back to the apt after and we were so full so we were just lying around and wanting to take a nap hahaha!
the disney girls! we miss tawni, mag, kenzie and liz!
thursday night i was really good and just stayed home and did homework! yes i can never get away from homework even if i've done so much ahead already hahaha.

sam and i went and saw kung fu panda 2 and i just loved it!
this was my favorite quote from the movie - "Your story may not have such a happy beginning but that doesn't make you who you are, it is the rest of your story, who you choose to be." sweetest line ever.
and then other funny ones i liked too: "How many times do I have to kill the same stinking panda?" "Ah. My old enemy. Stairs."
i had been waiting forever for it to come to the dollar theatre so i was glad it finally did!
did more homework.
hung out with marcus and kersti at night. it was hilarious because marcus told us to meet him at this party and he apparently gave us the wrong address but we called tasha and found the place and so we were at the party chatting with tasha, camille and julien (isn't her name so unique - its julie with the 'n' at the end and she was telling us how someone was telling her to lean over to the person when introducing herself as she says, 'hi, im ju-lean,' get it? hahaha) and my phone rings and its marcus, "erm, so i think i gave you the wrong address." hahaha
we hung out at the party for a bit but it was so hot cause there were too many people and so we just bailed and went to kersti's and chatted the night away.
we finally decided to stop at 12.30am and then marcus and i stood by our cars and chatted for another 40 minutes or so hahaha. that poor boy. he was doing a trialthlon the next day and had to there by 7am and here he was partying up with us till 1am ish.
oh, we were all wearing green, it was so cute, i should have taken a photo but i was too tired.

long overdue lunch with morgan shaw!
isn't she just SO CUTE! she actually looks a lot like lauren now with her shorter haircut
she wanted to have thai food and so i suggested thai village or spicy thai and she said she's been to spicy thai so we ended up picking thai village and the moment she walked into thai village, she realized that she's actually been there before too hahaha. oh morgan.
yay for old roomies! and she decided that she wants to go the disney route too! we also decided that we're going to do this more often! esp. when the pendulum court cafe opens in the fall!
it was so good catching up with her. we spent a lot of time talking about dating (hahaha, this always seems to come up with anyone!) and then at the end of our little lunch session, she wanted to hear all about my mission and as i talked about selective experiences and what not, i realized how many miracles i experienced on my mission. something that i had never really noticed before.
got home and i had to write my sacrament talk. i tried to write it on thursday night so i wasn't dragging it out till the last minute but i just couldn't do it or rather things just didn't seem to flow and i didn't know what to write. so i prayed really hard over the next 2 days and it was amazing how friday scripture reading gave me some good insights and then on saturday it was so easy to write it and it all flowed.

saturday night:
finally, finally, FINALLY got to catch up with the yellow monster.
aww isn't she cute! i love being at byu with her!
we went to texas roadhouse and thank goodness we called to make a reservation because there were so so so so so many people!
omg, their bread and their honey cinnamon butter is to die for! i could eat that all night. other than that, the food was alright. it reminded me a lot of rainforest cafe but their shrimp does not come close at all hahaha.
we had the most embarrassing thing happen to us.
so our server gave us our checks and we thought we heard him say that we can pay upfront when we're ready and so after using the bathroom, we stood up and wanted to go to the front and he comes up to us and was like 'oh i'll be your cashier' and so yeah, we must have looked like idiots wanting to pay upfront at a restaurant. he must have thought 'stupid asians. they must be fresh off the boat.' i swear we're not stupid. we just didn't hear him well!
and then we went and did what every college kid does on a weekend night. we went to the dollar theatre to watch a movie and since sam and i had already watched kung fu panda 2 so we decided to watch thor. we were standing in line and cheryl kept saying really loudly, 'what is thor about? whats the show about?' and something to that extent and i was like 'lower your voice. we probably look like idiots again because half the people standing in line in front of us probably know what the show's about and we don't.' esp. since its a pretty popular show hahaha.
well, we ended up looking it up on cheryl's phone before the movie started. even though its not a show i would normally watch, i actually liked it a lot. i didn't enjoy the crazy killing but for some strange reason, i really liked the idea of that rainbow bridge thing and the torn lovers hahaha! weird.

and of course, all good things must come to an end and its sunday night hahaha.
my talk went well today and guess what, cheryl wanted to come hear me speak and so i told her what time it is and what not and she woke up late and so by the time she got ready and got to the chapel, she appeared pretty much right when i was saying 'in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.' how sad right hahaha. but it was so good to have her there at church with me. i've missed having church with her. if i decide to go to the asian ward with her in the fall then i'll see her every Sunday so that'll be fun!

on a random sidenote, 12 days till vancouver and i cannot wait!
hopefully finals won't kill me and i'll be in one piece when i get there hehe.
have a good week everyone!


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