Friday, July 8, 2011


i love this girl! she totally keeps me sane! its always so fun to get her texts cause she checks if im still alive and if im close to dying, we play!
"oh no, its on self-timer!" and i go ahead and point the camera at amber hahaha

so, we decided to play today in the form of a little tea party picnic at rock canyon park.
we had cucumber+cream cheese sandwiches, egg tuna mayo sandwiches, capri-sun, chocolate peanut butter granola bar, chips, carrots, rice pudding and water. it was perfect!
the only annoying part was when it rained for a little bit.
but the sun came out soon after and we had the funnest time eating, laughing, reminiscing (esp. since we could see the temple and were reminded of our temple walks plus picnic on our last sunday after our temple walk), talking about how we hate the pressure to get married but how we'll probably be married and discussing baby names 2 years from now, "fiery," "sassy," crying, needing personal space, "i hate it when people do that!" (hahaha) and just about life in general.
i have the best mtc companion ever!
there we are at the pavilion because it started raining hahaha!

and now its time to go get ready to go see sisters from my mission who are in town! its such a mission-filled day hahaha! love it!


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