Tuesday, July 5, 2011

birthday weekend!

"The Spirit will work in our lives when we are where we should be when we should be."
"The key to getting things from the mind to the heart is to ponder."
"We exercise our faith by acting." (When we act upon promptings/answers given quickly, we don't let fear creep in.)
"The Lord will give us revelations quicker and more easily if we are seeking that to bless the lives of other people."
"Where we serve is not nearly as important as that we serve, or where we serve is not as important as how we serve."
"Don't ever lose faith in what you do know because of what you don't know."
"We don't take vacations from being spiritually righteous or from receiving revelation."
"Everytime you feel the Spirit, God is unveiling His face to you."
"Highest form of worship: emulation"
"We need to understand God in order to understand ourselves."

yes, as you can tell, i am studying for my religion exam hahaha. can i just say that having a religion class this term has made a whole lot of difference! its like amidst the academic and secular knowledge that im obtaining, im also getting spiritually fed and its keeping me alive thats for sure.
speaking of exams, i had my first exam in the testing center today after like forever! last term i just had presentations and projects and so i never had to step foot in the testing center. today, i went in and took my dreaded accounting 200 exam #1 and omg, i've forgotten what its like to look at the screen and see a 97% and a 'congratulations/fantastic/well done!' on the screen hahaha. on a random sidenote, the testing center is still as cold as ever. brrr.

so, a whole lot of things have happened over the past week. last week i was basically just struggling to get everything in before taking off for cali and then we were in cali for 5 days (2 of which were basically 10 hours of driving) and it was the most amazing thing ever. we got home at 11pm last night and i've been having a hard time getting out of vacation mode and back into mugging mode and so im surprised i even aced my accounting exam!
anyway, a lot of work to do this week once again and this weekend's going to be fun cause lynda and polly are going to be in town and im going to finally get to see mikel and monika! and then see a ton of people on sunday! yes and then there's kat's baby shower on saturday and wow, its going to be busy busy busy! im so excited! and did i mention that we're already into week 3 of school. wow. almost halfway there hahaha.

well, im lazy so i'll just let the photos do the talking
at taylor's house just hanging around on sunday hahaha
taylor and i
headed up to salt lake on tuesday night to surprise this girl for her birthday!
i love my yellow monster!
the singaporeans. love them. they feel like family :)
hung out with this kid on wednesday and this photo sparked a "are you guys dating?" comment hahaha! seriously!
the start of the birthday celebrations with a yummy baskin robbins ice-cream cake. and its green!
doubletree hotel!
disney's california adventure!
the mouse was the first character we saw :)
the sun was so hot!
world of color was gorgeous!
day two: let the memories begin! well said
fireworks: the best part of it all!

day three highlight: birthday dinner at rainforest cafe. my favorite!

and alas, who could pass up chinese food in vegas on the way back to utah!

so im 23. ahh so old. but this birthday has meant the world to me. i don't remember the last time my sisters and i were on a family vacation together. it was a really good roadtrip and you know, if any one of us gets married anytime soon, at least we took this trip hehehe.
well, thats all for today. need to get back to the studying hahaha.
oh and did i mention how tanned i am now. ridiculous! and i have weird tan lines all over the place. not cool!


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