Sunday, July 10, 2011


i've had a lot a lot a lot of things going through my mind this whole day and actually, the whole weekend!
im so grateful i had my sister to come home to today to just talk about it for like an hour and a half. and the car ride with kersti too.
this morning at 715am, kersti and i (well, and reid too) set off for kaysville to go to president nelson's homecoming and im not going to lie, my heart was beating fast because i was so excited and also a little nervous to see president and sister nelson and everybody.
the ride seemed really short and when we pulled up, president and sister nelson had just pulled up not too long ago and so we saw them right after we got out of the car.
it was SO GOOD to see them. president nelson said something to the extent of 'well, look at these sisters, so pretty and different' and kersti and i were just like, 'whats that supposed to mean? were we really ugly on our missions or what?' hahaha. and then president commented that i've got the right shoes on. i was confused but whatever hahaha.
then we walked in and we didn't really know anyone but then we saw sister oliver and wow, she looks SO different! we hung out awkwardly at the entrance for awhile and then just went into the chapel and we saw a ton of familiar faces so that was good! and then it was just all a blur as we went around and gave people hugs and everyone asked where we both are living and its funny cause we both got home the same time and we both live in provo so we answered a lot of questions very similarly and so everyone just ended up asking us if we were room-mates hahaha.
went and sat with david and mcclain in the second row and the feeling was just really overwhelming. the person conducting was really funny. he started off by saying, 'well, welcome to zone conference' and everyone just laughed hahaha. it was so good to be in the same sacrament meeting as president and sister nelson. and because i was sitting with kersti, it almost felt like we were back serving in a ward in vancouver and president and sister nelson were visiting for the week or something. it was SO SO SO good to hear their talks! it really felt like zone conference all over again and just feeling the power of their testimonies touched me and i was SO trunky for the mission!

sacrament ended and so we went around and started visiting with people again. went to say hi to grady first and we were super excited but he was just like 'hey' and it was kind of disappointing. and then david and mcclain butt in and so kersti and i just moved on.
found monika and then walked to the back to go talk to marcus and taylor. talked to kevin in korean for a bit and i hate it when suddenly everyone stops and stares at us like we're animals in a zoo just cause we're speaking a language they can't understand hahaha.
went around and talked to a bunch of other people and for some strange reason, it would always be like 3 sentences and then we would get ignored. it was like 'seriously,' i know we're sisters but why don't you want to talk to us! thank goodness we traveled around as a companionship so it wasn't as awkward.
and i guess it was just really weird cause i really expected the elders we were close to to be more excited about seeing us. esp. since we hadn't seen a lot of them since the mission. instead, it was the elders that we have hung out with recently who were more excited about seeing us like blake harber and alex johnson and marcus and taylor, etc. weird.
my favorite awkward moment of the day was when right after blake harber excitedly hugs me, i turn to my right and it was hunter reynolds! i have not seen that guy since december 2009 and omg, we had the craziest times together in richmond! he gave me a hug, we caught up a bit and then right after kersti told him that she's going to grad school for psychology, he was like 'i guess i should stop talking to you then cause you're probably analyzing my mind now' and turns to walk away and she's like 'well, i haven't really started anything yet' and so he stayed to talk but after like one sentence, his phone coincidentally rings and so he answers it and walks away. AWK.

anyway, we all proceeded to walk over to the nelsons' home after and justin was walking behind us so we decided to just talk to him and include him. we talked for a little bit and then suddenly he just walked past us and headed straight ahead of us. boys are so strange!
we hung out at the nelsons' home for a bit. finally saw sister bushman! omg! at least she was WAY excited to see us! and then just went downstairs and sat outside with david and mcclain. president nelson came down not long after and he took us to go see his john deere hahaha oh president! and then proceeded to tease kersti and then monika hahaha. we left shortly after because kersti had to get back for PEC.
but omg, we met frank brunt on the way out and omg! he's so different now! kersti and i were talking about it and he just exudes a whole different feeling now which is so strange! he was like, 'sister chen!' gave me a hug and then said, 'you're so much nicer now' hahaha. and i was like, 'omg rude!' but then again, we used to bicker and fight all the time so i totally understand why he would say that hahaha! so good to see him though!

driving back to provo, kersti and i had such a good talk and im so grateful that i have her in my life because i feel like she knows everything about my life and she always says, 'you know my life better than i do' hahaha. its just amazing how it is cause i can talk to her for hours and we can also laugh for hours about all the experiences we had in vancouver and it never gets old! and then today we talked about the M word and i felt like i let out a lot of what i really feel inside about the M word that i almost never share with other people. about how sometimes i want to try to make certain things work just cause of the immense pressure. and then we talked lightheartedly about dating someone from the mission and breaking someone's heart from the mission too and we realized what twins we are hahaha! SO grateful to have this amazing person in my life! quote of the day by kersti spjut: "cute story 不够!" hahaha!
um yes, i heart you. (p.s. i couldn't find any cute pictures of just us two from the mission!)

and then after i dropped kersti off, i just had a lot of memories flash through my mind and i remembered the day i arrived at the vancouver airport, meeting president and sister nelson, the assistants  (i probably didn't even know they were the APs at that time), sitting in the car, driving through a foreign environment, arriving at the mission office, feeling lost and awkward for the longest time and yeah, just thinking back on it, i don't know how i did it and i don't think i could ever do it again hahaha! thank goodness i have a lot more good memories to remember :)

well, all that just made me really trunky for the mission and i really want to make an effort to hang out with people from the mission more! im really sleepy now so im off to take a nap but here's some photos from friday night with sisters from the mission:
polly and lynda are in town, yay!

ooh, and to top it all off, a polaroid with my two favorite people ever!
this was right before we headed out to draper and hung out with taylor for the rest of friday night. ooh and while we were up there, we saw taylor's family too and omg i just love his littlest brother to bits! so cute, SO CUTE! i just want to take him home!

tmr is the start of another new school week, urgh, i wish school would just go away! hahaha.

love, char


  1. Ok I can't believe I didn't read this post until now! hahaha i totally agree about the favorite quote from the car ride home...and not just because i said it :) also, i loved your play-by-play of the events. so true! and i love you sooo much! thank you for being wonderful!

  2. hahaha yes, where have you been! thats the best quote ever! next time someone tells me i should date a certain person cause it'll be cute, i'll use that quote!