Friday, July 8, 2011

things i learned/did/happened to me today:
  • the reasons behind eating disorders are just disgusting. broke my heart to hear them.
  • cleaned up a storm. the apartment looks super nice now! tana came over and was like, 'the apartment looks really nice and clean!'
  • branon's little brother came to drop off my birthday present in the midst of my cleaning the apartment and apparently i look cute even when i've been cleaning and sweating it out hahaha.
  • boys don't know how to buy girls birthday presents. "is this present for me or for you?" hahaha
  • tana is hilarious! "are you going to barf (bathe)?"
  • provo/utah weather is crazy. it poured really hard and then was sunny and so taylor and i had a hard time deciding what to do tonight.
  • we discussed this for like 2 over hours and finally just decided to watch initial d at my apartment.
  • funniest thing with the funniest timing: aunt julie knocking on the door literally 2 seconds after taylor stepped in and just barely closed the door. i was on the couch and so i had taylor open the door and of course, he just has this blank look on his face when she asked, 'is clarissa home?' and i immediately recognized her voice and was like 'aunt julie, come in!'
  • a blanket is very very useful for movies because you can just squeal and cover your face during awkward or embarrassing moments.
  • guys are totally into car racing and they name off things that you don't understand throughout the whole movie hahaha. the girls are just totally into how cute or cool the car racers look hahaha.
  • taylor is super good at picking out the girls that are tricky and simply heartbreakers hahaha.
  • there is a person on this planet who hasn't slept well his whole life. he basically wakes up every hour and gets maximum 4 hours of sleep daily. omg. thats just shocking to me because i have to have my sleep!
  • bikram yoga=a ton of sweat hahaha!
hahaha its been a fun day and i have not done ANY homework at all ALL DAY. SO CRAZY to me! i have a lot of catching up to do over the next 2 days.
EXCEPT, amber and i are having a picnic tmr afternoon and then im meeting up with the sisters from my mission at night! its going to be one busy and fun friday!
k and now i should sleep!


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