Friday, July 22, 2011

tickets booked. car rental booked. vancouver here we come!

im supposed to be studying for accounting and i have accomplished nothing really.
i have allowed myself to be trunky again this afternoon. well, i have been emailing and facebooking people to figure out my schedule for my vancouver trip and i have just no idea how i am going to squeeze everyone in in that one week. i really served in 5 areas i realized: richmond, chiliwack, agassiz, hope and yarrow. chiliwack was a big area. so chiliwack is one and a half hours from richmond and then yarrow is 20 minutes away from chiliwack, agassiz 30 minutes away and hope is an hour away. wow. im going to spend a lot of time driving i guess.
you have NO IDEA how excited i am to go back to this place i grew to love:
richmond public library. the day the fountain started foaming hahaha
fisherman's wharf. the day sister wong and i went there to "the dyke" to go contacting only to realize we didn't really find the dyke area hahaha
the church sign we always took pictures at for baptisms hahaha
that church building with way too many memories. countless weekly planning sessions, countless investigator lessons, countless activity nights, countless weird experiences in the mission office, countless branch councils, countless branch correlations, countless countless parts of my heart left there. 8440 williams rd!
danny's screamers!
seeing a ton of chevrolet malibus altogether again hahaha
driving home from surrey and seeing a rainbow at that exact same spot all the time!
stanley park: the beauty of vancouver
i always remember the winter olympics 2010 when i see the quatchi keychain on my keys
one of my favorite photos of all time
this temple has such a special place in my heart
CULTUS LAKE! this time i can actually swim in it!
 this man made our saturday hope days the best!
richmond public market! endless hours of street contacting right outside! and im so getting a taro coconut boba!
happy sushi with the missionaries is a must

and dearest janet has already decided that she wants to hang out with us every single day if she is still unemployed then. im going to have my janet overdose before i have to come back here and live without it for awhile more hahaha. she said i will get addicted though and then i'll just have to smuggle her back to utah.
and although time is tight, we are definitely definitely going to capilano suspension bridge. thats one place i always wanted to go but never got to go. and of course i want to go to the island too but i don't think that will be possible. dang, i should really go for 2 weeks but i can't afford that!
oh well, i'll just have to go back again hahaha.
and then of course janet and i are going to go to the temple together! that will be so so so special! and since janet just told me that molly is getting baptized next sunday, i hope that she will be able to come to the temple with us too. ahhh. 3 weeks more. i can do this!

k, back to accounting for real hahaha.


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