Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fall semester!

okay, so i've been really bad at updating ever since summer term finals ended. i apologize.
we flew off to vancouver for a week and then packed and moved the second week of the break and then didn't have internet for almost a week and now school is starting to eat me alive hahaha.
so, im in the midst of doing my marketing management reading and its not going too well. i've decided that the internet is evil. when i didn't have the internet up and running the past few days, i did really good things such as wrote thank you cards and letters and actually sat down and did all my readings and studied and all. as i sat at my desk in my room and did my chem reading yesterday, i had a flashback: me sitting at my room desk in singapore studying like mad for my O'Levels and A'Levels and at that time, i didn't have a laptop and so i really just sat and studied for hours on end without even going near the computer. now i sit here and i check twitter everytime there's a new tweet. urgh. so bad. i could be ten times more productive without all these distractions!
THAT aside, i decided im going to slowly but surely update about the break.

so let me first start with the night before we left for vancouver.
taylor and branon decided we would have a chinese party thing before the summer ended.
it was supposed to be dumpling making and eating and then watching a chinese movie.
lets just say it was just dumpling making and talking. well, at least for me and kersti since 8pm is my food bedtime and the dumplings were not vegetarian hahaha.
branon and kersti mixing the filling for the dumplings! branon was actually the one in charge of mixing it but he was "stroking it" gently and so kersti took over. please check out branon's ridiculous new hair.
here's branon cooking the dumplings. once again, he did not stir the dumplings and so we almost had all the dumplings stick to the bottom! hahaha
the shape of the dumplings were kinda weird hahaha.
happy dumplings boiling in the pot
taylor was in charge of making the dumpling skins for the night and i definitely did not approve of the way he just pulled it apart hahaha.
branon eating the dumplings
the girls
the boys
us all :)
"that was my armpit" -kersti

so that was our little party.
and now to end off, i just have some random photos from reading day when we had dinner with the palmers and had yogurtland and squealed over their new hello kitty cups hahaha.
we had dinner at five guys and it was hilarious because i had never met the palmers before. they served in singapore when i was on my mission and they know my parents well and therefore wanted to take us out for dinner while they were at byu for a week. well, sam was the one who communicated with them and she had seen them a couple of times when she was in singapore so i was totally counting on her. we got there and i asked her if she sees them. she said she thinks they're the couple sitting on that end. so we walked closer and then i asked her if she's sure and she was super hesitant and wouldn't go over. and so hello, i didn't know what to do cause i don't know them at all and it would be absolutely embarrassing if it wasn't them. well, sister palmer finally spotted us and we finally went over hahahaha.
ahhh love hello kitty and choco cat
i go to yogurtland too much hahaha
hahaha and i always drag her along
asian eyes

thats all for today.
back to marketing management.
all my classes require so much reading this semester!


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