Wednesday, August 31, 2011

oh canada part one

so, i finally got to go back and visit the mission after like 8 months!
i cannot believe i've been home forever! not good not good!
if you've been reading my blog, you'll know how excited i was for this trip!
well, it turned out really great and i got to see a lot of people and go to a lot of places too so yeah.
we took the 2.35pm flight to seattle, stopping over at reno for a quick plane change. this is sam and i on the airplane!
then we went and picked up our rental car and drove 3 hours to richmond. this is taylor and i waiting in line to cross the border. so excited! the customs guy wasn't very nice though :(
so we got there, dropped by tao tian's house to drop off our stuff and get the keys and then went to see my favorite person ever - janetttttt! this is us at the night market having yummy mango drinks! not quite like hk's 许留山 but still good. although i really shouldn't have had it since i was sick hahaha.
so normally my food bedtime is 8pm but we hadn't had anything all day and we were at the night market (!) so we had tornado potatoes! i got mine with cheddar cheese and sam got hers with 고추장. i liked mine better.
everything at the night market was wayyy too expensive though. not at all like the asian night markets im used to hahaha. so yeah, we just walked around a little bit and chatted with sister wu and anson who were there too. and then we set off for home and went to bed!

day two:
slept in till 10 ish because we got home late and spent friday flying and driving so it was tiring enough.
went to superstore to get water and marshmallows for the bbq and then went to the church to try to catch sister song and sister okada. i really wanted to see english class in session but we ended up getting there later than expected and so most people were already gone.
it was so weird to walk into the church building im oh-so-familiar with hahaha.
sister song and sister okada were teaching a lesson and so we walked to the couches outside the chapel where i sat and made phone calls hahaha. such a familiar scene.
and it was really funny when i called christine cause i was like '这是陈姐妹' and it didn't register immediately to her that im a RM coming back to visit. so she was like '我现在在上班' in a really soft voice and so i said i would call her back later instead. anyway, 10 minutes later, i get a phone call from christine and she's like screaming and freaking out! (thats more like it hahaha) and she was telling me that when she got my phone call, it just registered in her mind that its the sister missionaries calling and so she can just call us back later kinda thing, just cause she's so used to having me around as a missionary hahaha.
anyway, the sisters finally got out of their lesson and we caught up and they gave me some people's numbers that i needed and then we rushed off to go meet valerie.
valerie! it was SO GOOD to see her! the last time i actally saw her in person was a good 1 year plus ago. can you believe that? i absolutely LOVED going over and teaching her. she's so awesome! well, she took us out to dim sum (my favorite!) at this famous hk restaurant (sun sui wah 新瑞华 restaurant) and it was really good! it was so nice to catch up too. valerie feels like a really really good friend to me :)
did some drop bys after and then headed over to vancouver to do some quick sightseeing before going to the YSA bbq.
sun yat sen chinese garden
parking was so hard to find and so we paid for 15 minutes parking, which was perfect cause there wasn't much to see anyway. and then got a quick look of chinatown since we had to drive through it anyway.
then we headed for oakridge mall before going to the bbq.
the beach we went to was absolutely gorgeous and they had nice logs all over the beach for people to sit on and enjoy the scenery :)
sam and i went to the bathroom right as we got there and then we were mesmerized by the beach and so we sat on the logs for awhile and chatted and all. janet finally called after awhile and asked if we were lost hahaha. 
look at the beach!
christine wasn't planning on coming to the bbq but she ended up coming all the way just so she could see me aww. and she brought her boyfriend too. nice.
we also celebrated linda's birthday! her birthday wish is to be happily married with a baby by her next birthday. well she has to start working hard now hahaha.
renee, janet, me, sam at the end of the night
we drove back to richmond and then went grocery shopping for sunday lunch, went home and crashed hahaha.

day three:
sacrament meeting was spent with richmond 2nd branch. when i got there, i saw that it was stake speakers sunday and so i was like 'yay, they're not going to randomly have me give a talk'. but then the assignment came and instead of giving a talk, i was to do the translating. urgh, my least favorite thing on the mission. i would much rather give a talk hahaha. anyway, it was a really humbling experience where i was reminded how much of my chinese gospel terms i have forgotten. but im glad people still love me enough to forgive me hahaha.
then we left to go to chilliwack so we could catch some people from the second ward at least.
so glad i caught charmaine and while we were going around to see emily and grace in primary, i bumped into sister fox! omg she's 7 months pregnant! but look at her stomach! and i just can't believe she's finally having a baby!
rushed back to richmond for lunch with this awesome girl! this is such a familiar shot
her 拿手 honey mustard pork!
us all ready for lunch. here with connie too. i love her! she got baptized the same time as molly and she's so awesome!
dinner for the night was with this awesome family here - the reyes! the little boy that sister reyes is holding (jacob) was a small baby when i first got to richmond. look at him now! and she's expecting a third! so exciting! the most humble and helpful family ever! i love them!
the night ended with a quick visit to yang lin's - my first golden investigator who set a baptismal date in the second lesson and was baptized a month later. she is so amazing and has so much faith! she's taking the temple prep lessons now! so exciting!

okay, so that was a lot for the day and so im gonna end off here.
back to readings and a chem class in an hour's time :(


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