Sunday, August 7, 2011

yet another weekend post

its the weekend before finals and i don't think i did any homework at all this past weekend cause i didn't have any at all hahaha. how crazy is that. this term has been a lot better than spring term. and right now, im just ready for it to be over cause im just getting too excited for vancouver! i was talking to janet and we were planning all these great things and she was like 'okay, just stop it now. its hard to wait already. the feeling is just like talking about food when you're so hungry.' i love that girl and can't wait to spend so much time with her!

the weekend started really early this week. as in, right after class on thursday, melis, sam and i headed to salt lake for asian restaurants tour stop #3 - korea house restaurant in salt lake.
melis and i had the spicy 돼지 불고기 and sam had the 갈비탕. the food was okay. nothing fantastic. i definitely prefer 삼학!
and it was really weird cause the lady at the restaurant kept asking us why we think 삼학 is better and i didn't know how to explain it cause their food just wasn't very good. like it was definitely not spicy at all.
anyway, we went shopping after (as usual) and it wasn't very good at all. ross has gotten really bad. we went to the one in draper and there was nothing so we decided to go to the one in american fork cause we usually go there and there's stuff but omg, we went there and it was pretty much the same selection. super sad!
and hahaha we were just super sleepy so we headed back to provo.

friday: i had the time of my life. and i was so exhausted by the end of the day!
like seriously, i got home, sat on the chair and fifi came over and i didn't even have the energy to really talk to her and really just went to shower and slept hahaha.
so i picked taylor up at 1pm and it was hilarious cause we were supposed to leave around 12.45pm and i had gotten there around then but he didn't answer my calls or respond to my texts so i was just sitting in my car waiting for him when finally he calls me at 1pm and was like 'where are you?' and i was like 'where are YOU?' kinda thing hahaha.
so anyway, we finally got to atlantic cafe at 2 ish and wow, the food was amazing! taylor and amber had the chicken kebab and i had the chicken parmesan panini. SO GOOD! and the cafe was very european too, with a european server and everything hahaha.
highly recommend it (325 South Main St in Salt Lake)
after which, we proceeded to temple square because i haven't been there in forever and omg the weather was SO HOT! we were sweating!  and omg, i've forgotten what its like to be surrounded by sister missionaries trying to get referrals out of you. very uncomfortable hahaha.
and it didn't help that taylor wanted to talk to all the japanese speaking sisters so he could speak japanese hahaha. we were on the verge of ditching him hahahah.
speaking of speaking japanese and what not, taylor's english is atrocious now hahaha. he can't think of how to say things in english and then when he was introducing me to one of the japanese sisters at one point, he said, 'yeah, she was my mtc companion' and i was like 'nooooo' hahahaha
well, we finally got out of there after talking to too many sets of sisters and then headed off to the gateway mall cause taylor wanted to get some swim shorts.
taylor ended up having a second lunch instead hahahah.
amber and taylor
i have no idea whats happening in this picture
taylor and i. why is he not being asian. tsk hahahaha
mtc loves
and then we really should have just gone home but taylor could still eat. omg.
so we went and got yummy yummy belgain waffles. the best ever!
we look so sticky hahaha but omg, this belgian waffle was to die for. there was vanilla bean ice-cream, speculoos spread and strawberries in it and their fries are amazing too! totally going back there again some time soon.
and then we finally departed for home cause i was so pooped by then hahaha.

woke up bright and early to help tim and crystal with a photo shoot in sandy.
i was so tired but it was pretty quick and we met sonhee there!
im excited to see the final product. its going to be cool. esp. with all the pairs of shoes!
and since we were in sandy, we took the opportunity to go to 大中 which is now called ocean mart. weird hahaha.
it made my day! i hadn't been there in so long and i almost forgot how much i love that place.
i always spend so much money there too hahaha.
finally got my coconut vitasoy again :)
and then we decided to just have lunch there cause we both wanted to have 粥. we also had boba and omg, the boba there is so good and so so so so so much cheaper! it was like $2.99 for the big cup!
芋头 and 红豆 boba! our regular.
this is me super super super satisfied with my boba hahaha
 sam and her 叉烧包 which wasn't fantastic
and then we got home, i watched heartstrings and took a nap hahaha. such is life.
and then at night, we went and watched monte carlo and i really liked it! europe looks amazing! i still want to do a europe trip for real. at least paris! looks like im going to be putting off the marriage thing again. which is fine hahaha. travelling the world is priority!
k, i really should get down to some ironing and packing and what not now. the weekend is over :(
but, next week this time, i will be in vancouver with the people i love so much!
i just have to get done with finals this week hahaha. wish me luck!


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