Sunday, September 11, 2011

3rd week of school

tmr marks the start of the third week of school. i seriously dread school each week now.
last week was the worse week of my life.
i cried thursday and friday just from all the stress. and i never cry!
readings, projects, papers, client work, work and its projects, etc.
did i try to do too much this semester? i don't even know.
the only day i look forward to now is sunday because thats the only day i can truly rest.
being back in school after the mission is so different from school before the mission.
before the mission, i could go to school, do my homework on the weekdays, waste a lot of time in between and then party the whole weekend. now, i just go to school, work and do my homework during all other free time. my weekends are just filled totally with homework. i don't even want to hang out with my friends anymore because 3 hours of hanging out means 3 hours less to do homework and there's just too much to do to give up that time. omg i know it sounds ridiculous but thats really the way it is.
the thing thats hard is, i feel like almost every weekend there's someone from the mission or from the mtc district visiting from some other state or even some other country and so i feel obligated to spend time with them and i want to see them.

so, elder miranda from my mtc district was visiting from france this past weekend and so i HAD TO see him.
we went to the greek festival up in salt lake and there were sooooo many people and the food was wayyyyy overpriced! but at least i got to hang out with him and amber, plus his sister and one of his mission companions. BUT, they were speaking in french a lot and so im glad i invited my sisters along hahaha.
we all met 2 years ago in the mtc. can you believe it?

anyway, besides that, on labor day last week, my sisters and i decided we would eat out for lunch since restaurants always have good lunch specials. we had never had thai kitchen and so i suggested we try it. bad bad bad idea!
firstly, there were no lunch specials cause the lady said its a holiday.
secondly, she was the only one there and so the food took forever!
thirdly, it was soooo overpriced. i got the peanut curry and it was $9 ish, excluding rice which you had to order separately for $1! i was sooo mad.
here's pictures of the food. i don't know why we were smiling because i was not happy about the situation and the food was not good at all.
so at night we tried to make ourselves happier by going to the awful waffle since i had a $12 coupon that i needed to use. sam and rissa got the banana nutella crepe, something i really like. and i got the banana speculoos one cause speculoos is my new favorite, nutella doesn't even taste that good anymore. imagine that hahaha.

and i actually saw amber courtright 2 days in a row this past weekend cause she came over on friday evening and we just chatted for a couple of hours to catch up on each other's lives. i love this mtc companion of mine! she's a darling!
don't you love how my flower is eating her in the first photo hahaha.

and as for today, i slept in, went to church, went to the CES fireside at the marriott center, ate dinner and played games with lauren and her friends and now im ready for bed hahaha.
sacrament meeting was hilarious cause they announced the names of the new members and we had to stand and they announced my name as "yishi charlotte chen." great. just great.
but, i got to spend the whole day pretty much with cheryl woo tingzhen and im so glad we're in the same ward again. and omg omg omg, that girl has finally decided to go on a mission. SO HAPPY for her! being in church with her just brings back so many memories too. as we were sitting in sacrament, i stared down at our crossed legs and said to her, "we're both not wearing those slip-on heels anymore and so we can't try to kick each other's heels off like we did when we were in young women's." omg, we were in young women's so so so long ago!
well, i'll just end off with some good quotes from the whole day:
  • "Watch your words, for they become your actions. Watch your actions, for they become your habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."
  • "There is no peace in reflecting on the pain of old wounds. There is peace only in repentance and forgiveness. This is the sweet peace of Christ..."
  • "Worry less abot marriage than about being a disciple of Christ."
  • "Do not allow the wait for those blessings (marriage) to burden you."
  • "We are not waiting alone, the Lord is aware of us."
  • "Having faith is to keep persisting."
oh and omg, janet wong sent me a message today that totally made my day! she just got called to be the second counselor in the relief society! omg, can you believe that! my awesome recent convert! she's not even been baptized a year yet! i can totally see her as a future relief society president. can't wait for that day to come!
other random stuff: 1. we got to go see the isoms last night since we were up in the salt lake area and it meant so much to me to see their smiles. 2. we've discovered grocery shopping at winco and omg, im in love with that place because its cheap and they have bulk bins just like superstore in canada!
okay, i will stop now. goodnight and wish me luck with school this week and if i cry, i cry.


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