Monday, September 5, 2011

all caught up!

done with the vancouver updates and so now im going to finish updating about the last two weeks!
so the last week of our break was basically spent packing and moving. quite dumb and miserable but its all over now hahaha. the moving was crazy and i was reminded of why i try not to move as much as possible. well, we've been in our new apartment for about 2 weeks now and i actually really like it. we all have our own private rooms and there are 2 bathrooms.
besides the 3 of us, we have another room-mate named lauren and she's really nice! she served her mission in arcadia, spanish speaking and she teaches in the mtc. i actually really like her.

anyway, amidst the moving and what not, i managed to grab ice-cream with branon dodge on wednesday to catch up and while we were doing that, i suddenly thought about steven loveland and asked branon if he knew when steven was getting into town and it turned out to be that very day and so we decided to give him a call!
well, we ended up heading over to the byu bookstore to meet him cause he was there getting his books. and wow, i can't believe its been 8 months since i had seen steven!
anyway, im not sure how it happened but i ended up inviting steven, branon and jonathan (who happened to be in town for a couple of days) to dinner with us at sam hawk and then they helped us moved the rest of our boxes after and it was actually really great cause there were too many boxes and i was so exhausted from making multiple trips with just one car.
dinner was really good cause i was craving korean food! and our server was tyson hehehe.
after we finished the moving, we ended up meeting up with kersti, marcus and taylor and it was really funny cause they met us outside of my apartment complex and so for the longest time we were just standing on the grass in a circle and talking in groups hahaha. we had no game plan.
well, we ended up going to marcus' apartment and just chatted in groups again hahaha. i love mission people!

woke up at 8am after only a few hours of sleep to finish up cleaning for our cleaning check. lori was 40 minutes late and she came, took a walk round the apartment and that was it. and to think we cleaned so hard! oh well, i expected that she wasn't going to be strict about it at all but at least the new people have a nice clean apartment right?
moved the rest of our stuff to the new apartment, lunched, sent sam to work, unpacked, showered and crashed!
so, i had mags' baby shower to go to at 6.30pm and sam was going to get off work at 4.30pm and so i figured i would just sleep till sam calls me to get her from work.
i kept waking up to check my clock. 4pm, 4.30pm, 5pm... still no news from sam and then the next thing i knew, shirls was calling me and it was 6.18pm! i hurriedly got up, called sam to figure out where she was, changed, wrote a card for mags and stuffed the baby clothes into a nice bag and rushed to alpine hahaha. we got there just as she was opening presents hahaha. felt like such a bad friend hahaha.
the whole set-up was so super cute! everything was green and blue and even all the presents she received were green and blue and i pointed this out to shirls and she was like 'well, thats the only 2 colors you can really get for boys' hahaha. boys are so boring! and shirls and i were complaining about how the boys' selection for clothes is totally not as good as for girls!
maggie barely looks pregnant and she's already 6 months! i cannot wait for this little boy to come!

highlight of the day was definitely catching up with kersti spjut!
we went to earth fruits yogurt and got froyo and just sat there and talked for hours! i talked wayyyy too much cause i pretty much had melted yogurt hahaha! it was so good to talk to her though. i love having her around and like that we meet up pretty often so we're always caught up on each other's lives hahaha. and i just can't believe a whole summer has passed and now fall's here. fall is crazy busy so i hope we still get to see each other quite a bit!

finally got to see tyson and sora! we were supposed to see each other more during the break but we didn't get to see each other all the way till the very last day of the break hahaha!
we went to kneaders and oh man, i love the paninis there! the last time i went there was with fifs before my mission and we went in the morning for the all you can eat french toast which was so not worth it for us because we both only had one slice! so dumb hahaha.
love this couple to bits! they're so cute!
so grateful for old friends from before the mission!
we had a great night talking about dating and the norms in the asian culture versus that of the american culture and played korean games and what not. all in those few hours sitting in kneaders while waiting for the sky to get dark so we could play with some sparklers. the sparklers turned out to be very retarded but it was still fun hahaha.

and then school started and the semester feels like a term just cause the first week was so stressful already! well, its my second last semester so i should have expected it but omg, it was so hard!
monday the day started with marketing management and that seems like a really fun class cause its all about marketing and being creative and what not. but it was a really big class (300 people) and i guess im just not used to that anymore hahaha. thank goodness i had sam to walk to and from class with since she has a class at the tanner building at the same time.
bumped into the whole world at the tanner building hahaha. bumped into morgan, deb, keith, ashley, etc.
had chem in the afternoon and i don't understand why we have to take science GE classes! totally not my thing at all!
comms 421 right after and it was nice to see so many familiar faces since its a major class hahaha. prof. carpenter seems nice and decent. so thankful im not taking that class from prof. walton.
but that class is one im most stressed out about cause you can get fired from assignments if you have more than 2 errors per page of writing and that means you get a zero. omg. nightmare.
got home at 7pm and i was so pooped! was going to go to the tumbling gym FHE but i just couldn't do it.
tuesday i only had one class so that was less painful. hist 201. yet another GE i can't understand why i have to take it. prof. hamblin incorporates a lot of scripture verses from the Old Testament as he teaches and it messes with my mind because sometimes i think im in an old testament class instead of world history hahaha.
other classes i have: comms 360 seems like its going to be a breeze and so im really excited about that because i really don't need the extra stress!
but yeah, i just have a ton of reading to do this semester! and then im account executive for 2 accounts for bradley pr (student-run PR firm on campus that has real paying clients for which we do PR work) and i just feel like im not going to have anytime for anything at all this semester.
friday was crazy and i thought i was going to die! i went to the temple in the morning and then i had to rush to an AE meeting at 11am and then a work meeting at 1pm and then i was supposed to go meet the non-profit organization i was planning on working with for comms 421 but meetings went longer than expected and i couldn't make it out to springville and back in time before my chem class at 3pm and so it was all just very crazy. and then friday was also the day i started worrying about applying for the NY internship and started being paranoid about my portfolio and ahhh, yeah friday i thought i was going to breakdown and die!
yeah and then after my chem class i called the non-profit organization lady and she basically described the situation and they really don't have enough work for me to do and so i had to go crazy researching and email a ton of other non-profit organizations to see if they would let me do free PR work for them and i still haven't really heard back from anyone and so im really worried and kinda stressed! ahh!
so yeah, here's hoping i don't die this semester hahaha.

and so i haven't really done anything productive all weekend which means that the labor day holiday tmr will be spent solely laboring hahaha.
friday night i just relaxed cause i was too stressed. went to in-and-out and barnes and nobles with the sisters.
saturday, had lunch with melissa since i hadn't seen her in a few weeks:
we had lunch at thai siam since i had coupons and it was not good at all. we both got the lunch specials where you get to pick 2 main dishes kinda thing and it came with rice and a spring roll.
melissa got the yellow curry and some other type of curry. the curries were all kinda watery and the other curry that melissa got had a really sweet taste. really strange hahaha.
i got the green curry and the sweet and sour chicken. green curry was watered down but still had the correct taste. the chicken in the curry didn't have much taste though since the curry was so watery. and then the sweet and sour chicken was terrible! the sauce tasted like ketchup cooked with pineapples. was super disapppointing but at least we each only paid $3 plus since i had a coupon. worse part is that i have another $10 coupon for the place and i don't really want to go back there hahaha.
we ended our lunch date with a trip to walls and omg, all the wallpaper there makes me want to have my own place now so i can decorate it with pretty wallpaper! melissa got some really nice paper for just $6 ish and im excited to see it when she frames it!
for our next asian restaurant stop, we want to go to a place in american fork or draper. anyone know of any good ones to try?
got home and sam, kimi and rissa were having lunch and i just sat down and chatted with them and we mostly talked about our missions and whoa, 3 hours went by just like that.
grocery shopped and prepared for tonight's dinner the rest of the night.

finally went to the asian ward and i decided that i would go there this semester. it was kinda intimidating at first cause there are so many people in that ward but i feel so much more comfortable there! saw so many familiar faces and my favorite was when after sacrament meeting, i heard someone call out 'sister chen' and i looked up and it was preston hahaha.
relief society was really good! we talked about or divine identity.
"Being a daughter of God means that if you seek it, you can find your true identity. You will know who you are. This will make you free - not free from restraints, but free from doubts, anxieties, or peer pressure."
"We are to be creators in our own right - builders of an individual faith in God, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and faith in His church."
"You are spirit daughters of the most creative being in the universe"
"Your body is a masterpiece"
"The more you trust and rely on the spirit, the greater your ability to create"
and there's actually also a lot of RM sisters in the asian ward and so im really excited about that!

we had sunday dinner with friends tonight since its a long weekend and it was a lot of cooking but it made me really really happy and we had so much good food and everyone was well-fed. so so so grateful for the friends that Heavenly Father has placed in my life! i don't know where or what i would be like without them!
the food
the people
marcus tanner is in the midst of trying to put up a peace sign to be asian hahaha
my girls :)
aren't they just so stinkin' cute!
they're such daring white girls when it comes to asian food! they had tang yuan and even mooncakes! amazing! love them! more asian dinners to come with them!

and so thats all i have for this weekend! im so tired and its 2.05am so goodnight world!


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  1. ahhh love it! thanks again for having everyone over last night :) you are the best!