Thursday, September 8, 2011

no air

i just really wanted to say how thankful i am for the scriptures.
these past few days, my scripture study has meant the world to me.
it has been exactly what i needed and it just reminds me of how imperfect i am and how i need to work on putting the Lord first as well as charity. im so grateful that the Lord constantly reminds me and helps me to improve.

there have been a couple of things that have been stressing me out lately and i just wished i had more hours in a day. and i figured that i will just have to sacrifice my sleep, which i am really sad about because when i feel depressed, sleep is my form of escape.
oh well, its good to have a busy and fulfilling (?) life right?
anyway, in my chem class yesterday, the professor shared a quote from Dr. Henry Eyring, "For me, the essence of the gospel is the doctrine of trying. The Savior told us to try his doctrine to see if it is true." thats all i doing now: trying to be the best i can amidst my circumstances :)


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