Sunday, September 4, 2011

oh canada part three

friday was a really hard day for me and so i didn't get the chance to update but i did get to go to the temple and do sealings and that was really good because i had never done those before and the sealer was hilarious! and im truly grateful for my companion kersti spjut!
"those two sisters over there were mission companions and they're still together!" -the sealer

well, im here to finish off the last few days of canadian adventure!
day six:
started off the day really well by visiting this awesome family! renee lost so much weight! but then again, when we first started visiting her, she had barely just given birth. and omg, zai zai is still as cute as ever! i love him! he is such a sweetheart! just look at him smiling over there! her husband and second son is not in the picture but her husband is still as nice as ever (he invited us to have lunch with them since he was eating before he had to head to work but we already had a lunch appointment to go to after) and the little one (who was just born when we started visiting them in october) is 10 months old now! ahhhhhhhh. crazyyyyyyyy. i cannot believe it! we were just talking and catching up and omg, renee is still as golden as ever! and before we left, she asked if i would say a prayer together with them and zai zai folded his arms to get ready and i almost cried! it was so sweet! praying with them felt so great!
off to alexandra road to meet bro. leung for lunch and omg, he brought us to this restaurant that had super super super super tasty food! i cannot even describe it. the 味道 was just so good! and he ordered SO MUCH and made us take the rest of the stuff home! we had lunch and dinner appointments and more every single day and so we ended up giving the leftovers to the sisters and im sure they enjoyed it. lunch with bro. leung was interesting as he spent a long time telling us his love story and telling us that he believes that it is possible to develop love after you get married instead of falling in love and then getting married hahaha. and he kept lecturing me about getting a boyfriend. he was like 'beautiful girl like you why boys don't ask you out' hahaha. i want to know too hahaha.
and then we proceeded to richmond center to meet up with clio and it was really good! she asked me all about why i wanted to serve a mission, how i feel it has changed my life, what i have learned and how has it been adapting to regular life.she's so great!
and we got to go see helen after! so when i first got to richmond, the sisters told me that helen was out of town and i was so so so sad! but they had me take down her number anyway and told me to call her towards the end of the week. well, it was wednesday and two days before i was leaving vancouver and so i decided that i would call and at least leave a voicemail, even if she wasn't home. well, helen answered! and apparently she had been home all week! and so i immediately made some time to go see her and oh man, it made my life complete!
but, appointments with helen are never short and so we ended up being half an hour late to dinner with the zhongs!
i love this family! they are so amazing! we had dinner with them and sat around their dinner table and chatted and it was just so good! felt like family!
met up with janet after for drinks
love the authentic boba in vancouver!
too caught up with the free wi-fi hahaha

day seven:
it was a pain to wake up early since we were out with janet late the night before.
headed to granville island early in the morning and the first thing we did was pick out a crab for our lunch! its super fresh and they cook it for you!
while waiting for the crab to cook, we went to this bakery and grabbed french pastries. SO GOOD! and it just all looks so pretty!
 headed over to the public market where they had fresh fruits and vegetables and tons of really good pastry shops and bakeries. i loved that place! and there was this man playing the accordian and his music just made me feel like i was in paris. omg!
look at all those pretty things! i wish i could have eaten them all!
our lunch
oh and did i already mention that the weather was perfect! felt like spring!
then we went and visited the little shops all around and omg, im in love with that place. its just so cute and so european and ahhh, im so glad i chose to go and i will definitely go back again when i get to visit the mission again.
and then we headed to capilano suspension bridge! a place i always wanted to go on my mission but we never had time on pdays
it was really high and it shook quite a lot so sam was terrified. but she did it!
the scenery was just so gorgeous!
and then we had to rush to the temple and we were 20 minutes late but they still let us do baptisms. and it was amazing cause i was feeling frustrated as we drove cause we were going to be late but when we got to the temple and went in, i just felt overwhelmed and almost cried! and it was so special cause it was janet's first time going to the temple and she absolutely loved it! i did initiatories while they did baptisms for the dead and when i got out, janet just gave me a big hug and thanked me and honestly i really didn't do anything, i just brought her to the temple.
and then we drove to sister wu's place and all janet wanted to listen to in the car was "the spirit of god" and so thats exactly what we did and the feeling was just so awesome.
sister wu's so awesome! she made super good beef curry and then this yummy peach dessert.
we stayed out late at a cafe since it was our last night in vancouver!

day eight:
i can't believe we had to leave :(
woke up bright and early to have breakfast at my favorite porridge place in richmond at like 8 ish with taylor, anson and janet.
and i was so sad cause they didn't have zha liang! i wanted to cry hahaha.
then we bought some porridge for the ning family and went to drop by their place because we wanted to see baby kelly before leaving the country hahaha. that family is AMAZING!
and jerry was so funny. he gave anson some money to go buy some fruits and snacks for us for our drive to seattle. so sweet. i can't wait for their family to come visit utah!
my last photo with janet before she went off to work :(
then sam and i actually went and shopped and actually bought stuff! shopped at this shop called ardene which was actually cheap. (shopping in vancouver is never cheap!) we bought 5 headbands and 2 pairs of shoes for $20 ish.
went back to tao tian's and finished packing and then set off!
so grateful for their kind hospitality!
so we left at around 1.50pm cause everyone told us leaving at 12pm would be too early.
the border wasn't too bad but then the I-5 was seriously jammed and so we almost missed our flight!
i was super super anxious! we got to the car rental place at 6.15pm (our flight was at 7.30pm) and thankfully they were pretty quick with everything and we got to the airport at 6.45pm or so and were very lucky that the southwest check-in line plus customs line wasn't long at all and so by the time we got to the gate, it was 7pm! so so so lucky! i definitely didn't want to have to stay a night in seattle hahaha.

so yeah, that was vancouver. it still feels like a dream to me. and it was just too short but it was a really good trip cause i got to see a lot of people plus do some sightseeing too. and i don't know when i can go back there again but im glad i got the chance to go back at least once :)
so grateful for my blessings and for the chance to have met and taught these amazing people!


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