Thursday, September 1, 2011

oh canada part two

"procrastination guarantees a lack of success."
im sure a lot of us struggle with that and so thats just a friendly reminder to be better this semester hahaha.

back to the canadian adventures!
day four:
pday! and so we did our favorite pday activity - all you can eat sushi with the other missionaries hahaha.
it was extremely exciting to have so many of them come! ahh love it!
and i was super happy to see this girl! ahhh. love her so much!
sister song's signature pose
and here's her "不要走" hahaha
and then after lunch, we set off on this beautiful highway called sea to sky highway. what an interesting name right? the view was gorgeous and it was the best drive ever just cruising down the road!
after half an hour, we arrived at this beautiful waterfall - shannon falls.
i even took a jump shot hahaha.
anyway, we took a short hike with sister wu and family and sister wu asked us a bunch of "3 choices" questions such as "what are your top 3 temples you want to get married in?" "what are your top 3 places you want to go to for your honeymoon?" and for the second question, we received a most hilarious, loud response from anson walking behind us, 'George Lucas' backyard!!' and we all just burst out laughing hahaha.
after which we drove back to be with my richmond family for fhe. and omg, the traffic was so bad! i don't know what was the problem but the traffic was really bad every single day i was there hahaha. i must be the problem or something. and so we were late in showing up for this party that was being held for us. look at all that food. they are so awesome!
here's a picture of everyone. you have no idea how long and how much effort it took for us to just get a semi-decent shot like that hahaha.
one of my favorite families! janet is still pregnant here but 2 days before we left she gave birth to baby kelly and so we were able to see the little one before leaving. and its pretty amazing to me because when i first got to richmond on my mission, janet was pregnant with claire and i was there when claire was born and so i saw her as a baby and then now baby kelly too! and the thing is, janet found out she was pregnant my last transfer so i was there for that too. so many good things with this family!
some of my favorite people!
lily and kevin! kevin wouldn't stop clinging onto me. this took a lot of arm power hahaha.
the taiwanese people hehehe. love them!
and then we spent the night playing with this boy before his bedtime. HE'S SO CUTE!
this one's my favorite

day five:
we took our little day trip to chilliwack/cultus lake/agassiz
first stop: preserved seed cafe. sister nelson and i decided to try this one day and we absolutely loved it! all the food is cooked by ingredients that they grow themselves and their bread is SUPER GOOD!
us with our food. we both got the rice bowls and it came with the yummy honey sesame bread. ahhh
and then we headed off to the lake. my favorite place to do street contacting cause people can't really run away from you since they're just sitting there doing nothing hahaha
it was so gorgeous. i wish i had brought my swimsuit
and of course, you can't take a trip to cultus lake without having the super yummy ice-cream there! and this time, we didn't have people staring us down cause we weren't dressed like sister missionaries hahaha. i still remember when sister nelson and i went one fine summer day and everyone was in bikinis and shorts and we were in long skirts and nylons. weirdddd. everyone stared us down.
and then we went to agassiz to see darlene and that made my day! she's so so so awesome and i just can't wait for the day when she will be baptized!
dinner was at olive garden. i know, you must be thinking why olive garden. well, kathleen has been trying to take us to olive garden since the time kersti and i served in richmond but they only have one olive garden in the whole of vancouver in langley, which is too far away from our area and so we could never go. and so this time, she made sure she took us there hahaha.

okay, i wish i could update more but i have to go get some chem reading done and go to bed early because im going to the temple with kersti spjut tmr morning and then i have a full day of meetings and class! but i will definitely continue tmr :) goodnight


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