Monday, September 26, 2011

one month into the fall semester

its been almost one month since school started. can you believe it?
well, at least life is not as bad as when school first started.
i haven't blogged in weeks and i decided i would take time out to do it today because its been a pretty good day hahaha.
happy things today:
1. received a letter from kenzie and omg, that girl is coming home soon!
2. 48/50 for my client strategic plan. i couldn't believe it when i saw it. esp. since i stressed so much over it and thought i was going to get fired from it.
3. received a wedding announcement hahaha. gotta love those.
4. no chem 101 class today.
5. thai pork pizza! made by my awesome sister. so good! the picture doesn't do it any justice at all.

sad things:
1. i overslept.
2. had to miss fhe because i had a group meeting to prepare for our comms 360 presentation on thursday.

this is what i've been up to the past few weeks:
1. mooncake festival with the singaporeans <3
 dearest kandance brought mooncakes and lanterns all the way from singapore. highlight of the night!
 look at all those cute lanterns!
it was so good chatting with alex for an hour ish after. he understands all the singlish stuff and its just awesome hahaha!

2. disney institute event at thanksgiving point
that was the day i was missing disney so bad.
well, i've started my disney networking.
i have to get back there next june, somehow.
it would be amazing if i get the NY internship and then go off to florida straight after!
we got to deliver disney balloons to the kids at the american fork hospital after and this is the back seat of my car full of happiness hehe
how cute is that? me, jeff, kaitlin, karissa

3. general relief society broadcast with cheryl woo
i love love loved president uchtdorf's talk as usual.
the 5 forget-me-nots: forget not to be patient with yourself, forget not the difference between the good and the foolish sacrifice, forget not to be happy now, forget not the why of the gospel, forget not that the Lord loves you.
"God is fully aware that you and i are not perfect, and that the people we think are perfect, are not."
"God notices your efforts and they are not small to Him."
"Our journey towards perfection is long, but find the joy within."
"Many people today are waiting for their golden ticket and putting their happiness on hold."
"Yo need not wait for a golden ticket to be happy."
:"if we spend our days looking for the fabulous roses, we lose sight of the forget-me-nots."
"You are not forgotten, no matter how insignificant you may feel, your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you."
"You are remembered and loved by the most majestic king of all space."
"God loves you because you are His child."
"His divine love can dress any wound and soften any sorrow."
we went and got cafe rio after. it was so interesting cause i was craving that as i thought of what we should eat for dinner and then when i asked cheryl after what she wanted to eat, she said cafe rio and i was like omg! totally inspired hehe.
LOVE THIS GIRL! i totally love the fact that we go to the same ward again.
and we studied saturday night away. yeah hahaha.

4. a visit to the temple so i could see liz on her temple walk!
she told me her temple walk was from 12.45pm-1.35pm and so rissa and i were there at like 12.50pm and the sun was crazy! so we spent forever walking around forever and we looked like sister missionaries too, except that we had heels and no tags hahaha.
finally found liz at like close to 1.30pm!
so good to see her after like 2 over years!
and surprise surprise, her mtc companion is summer chan who i met in vancouver last christmas when she was visiting! such a small world.
it was so good getting to chat with her just for a bit :)

and its the start of a new week and this week is going to be amazing, i already know it!
im going to have to be super productive cause so many people are in town this week and i have to meet up with them plus there's the mission reunion on friday night and then general conference this weekend!
we got tickets for sunday afternoon and so the 3 of us are going to go with our dearest room-mate lauren! i can't wait! i love being in the conference center and on temple square in general!
on top of that, the new york internship information session is this wednesday! i can't wait to start applying, my portfolio needs help though hahaha.
k, excited for the week! hopefully i'll update again real soon!
on a random sidenote, remember comms 421 that i was so stressed about at the beginning of the semester. its actually my favorite class now. it still makes me super nervous but i like the class alot :)


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