Wednesday, October 5, 2011

october - mid-terms!

its 1.30am and im taking a break from studying.
life is kinda crazy but thats okay.
i've become really bad at blogging now because im either sleeping or doing stuff. there is no such thing as free time now.
even on sundays! i just spend my time catching up on sleep and going to church and then going to bed early hahaha.
well, its october already! that is so crazy to me! this month is probably going to be the month i die because mid-terms are pretty much the whole month and then i have to put together that quantitative data booklet and present it to our client UDOT on the 25th. and not to mention, homework, work projects, and life in general.
on a happier note, once this UDOT presentation is done, that's one account done and then geneva road doesn't start till next month. being an account executive over 2 accounts is no joke.
life of a PR student.

anyway, update on the past week:
1. did our comms 360 presentation and turned in our 10-page paper so that class is pretty much going to be a breeze the rest of the semester
here's a cute photo of us with the cupcakes we brought for the presentation
2. career fair. way intense with everyone trying to land a job. some internship opportunities opened up and im excited about options.
3. had the NY internship information session and it sounds AMAZING but oh-so-expensive so im nervous but i guess, just apply right?
4. bradley agency meeting: we had jonathan munk from skull candy come talk to us and he gave us free headphones. way sweet.
5. dinner at nicolitalia (love that place!) with jiae, monika, kersti, mikel and allison.
it was way fun getting to see jiae and talking about everything korean hahaha. and it was so nice to meet allison! she was monika's mtc comp. and omg, i just love her. she's so cute!
jiae, mikel and i had the chicken pesto pizza and breadsticks. SO GOOD!
kersti, allison and monika with their veggie delight pizza
us all. aww :)
6. mission reunion!
she has a little boy growing inside her. ahh. due january!
favorite companion ever! she came all the way from alberta!
elder staheli finally decided to talk to me hahaha.
can't wait to hang out with all the chinese missionaries
president and sister nelson! i love them so much.
michael and michael hahaha. the four of us came home together!
6. general conference!
day one:
  • "scriptures are like packets of light that illuminate our minds."
  • "learning and pondering, searching and finding, is like filling a cabinet with friends that can be called upon when needed."
  • "a memorized scripture becomes an enduring friend that will not dwindle over the passage of time."
  • "a testimony comes slowly, a piece at a time."
  • "i didn't keep a testimony through those times, the testimony kept me."
  • "the sun never sets on the work of the Lord. our work knows no boundaries."
  • second temple in provo!
  • "the voice of the Spirit comes as a feeling, rather than a voice."
  • "compared to God, man is nothing. but man is everything to God."
  • "what mattered to Him was that i was doing the best i could and that my heart was inclined to Him."
  • "motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling."
  • "love is really spelt T-I-M-E."
  • "we need to ensure being busy=being productive."
  • "let us be as quick to kneel as we are to text."
  • "there is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out all fears."
after which we did homework, grocery shopped and baked this:

day two:
  • "weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."
  • "in mine Gethsemane and yours, we are not alone."
  • "that is the genius of the Book of Mormon, there is no middle ground."
  • "the most important thing a father can do to raise his daughter is love her mother."
  • "be loyal to the royal within you."
  • "even though i left my mission, my mission didn't leave me."
  • "the Savior's atonement provides lifeboats for all."
and we had the great privilege of watching the sunday afternoon session in the conference center. it was amazing!
and that is all haha.

nothing much to look forward over the next few weeks since its really just schoolwork and exams hahaha. i realized today that my GE classes take more time and effort than my major classes! it doesn't help too that i enjoy my PR classes so much and so the other classes are really just a pain hahaha.
on a random note, baked cookies today cause i was craving some sort of dessert. and you know what, desserts is actually stressed spelt backwards hahaha.
marcus came over tonight and i just love that boy! he's so sweet!
cookies made steven's day/night too.
all is good.


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