Sunday, November 6, 2011

happy birthday sam chen!

happy happy twenteenth sam chen!
so i did one of these for rissa's birthday and so there is no way you're spared. but since i don't have many photos of just us two when we were younger, i dug up photos from our growing up teen years hahaha!
hope you like it!
love you!
once upon a time, this baby came into my life.
she had a lot of hair compared to me when i was a little baby
she had so much hair, we always tied her hair up into apple hair hairstyle haha
she was one super happy kid and thats for sure.

and then she went through an awkward phase of growing up - hahahahaha!
 she loves doing crossword puzzles!
and then she blossomed into a beautiful young lady.

we spent a far share of time as travel buddies when my older sister was at BYU-I
a beach vacation in phuket
we entertained each other since it was such a boring trip haha
we froze together in the cold in korea
visited bear museums in jeju
sat on boat rides from hk to macau
explored funky places in macau
ate our hearts out in taiwan (note: bloated, half-eating face) and sam insisting on taking 'wind shots'
having yummy 蛋炒饭!
exploring taiwan
exploring shanghai
being silly in M&M world

anyway thanks for...
being crazy with me
esp. in supermarkets like in this instance hahahah!
hanging out with me after church when we had to wait for the parents
dressing up with me on halloween
hanging out with me during family events when i was bored
nua-ing with me at chinese new year stops
doing silly matchy things with me
joining me on all pig-out sessions
taking unglam photos with me
being my flying buddy
and just for being you!


oh, and keep rocking the pyjamas look hahaha!


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