Wednesday, November 30, 2011

its the last day of november

so today i decided to ditch homework and other responsibilities for a little bit and go to a christmas party. it was absolutely fabulous and im so glad i went.

look at the christmas colors. don't they just make you happy?
 and of course you can't forget the ugly sweaters and white elephant gift exchange
with such fun gifts like these hahaha!
and it was fun cause the owner of the house just left us to have our own little party and then some friends of theirs came and was like 'erm, is susan walton here? we're friends of theirs' haha. we looked like random strangers just having a party in their nice nice house hahaha.

im so excited for christmas! can't believe its december already! where did the year go?
love the cold weather during this time period cause it goes so well with the holiday season.
17 days till i fly home. OMG.
anyway, this week is a SUPER stressful week for me because i have to decide by friday if i want to intern at edelman in LA or wait for my NYC internship. i've been bouncing back and forth and everyone keeps telling me to take edelman cause its the #1 firm in the nation and they pay for everything.
i've been praying like crazy and i think my mind started getting clearer yesterday after talking to jessica.
"do what you love, and the money will follow"
and i learned that i need to focus on the fact that this is my decision and not everyone else's decision. yeah edelman might be the best but NYC has been my dream since forever ago. i got back to school in april dreaming about NYC but realized that i was really lacking as compared to other outstanding students in the PR program and so i basically worked my butt off so that i could build up that portfolio to apply for the NYC program. i worked so hard for it.
so we'll see.

thanksgiving break was SO GOOD cause i basically relaxed, played card and board games with my sisters, ate A LOT and shopped. (oh and did all my chemistry homework for the rest of the semester). life was so great for those 5 days! and i even got to go to the salt lake temple on wednesday for a session with dearest amber and then we just roamed in salt lake city all day long. it was so great and that was also the day tom knox called to extend an offer for me to intern with edelman.
this was our little celebration at blue lemon after we had had lunch and gone shopping for a little bit haha

and here's some documentation of thanksgiving parties and the amount of food i ate!
delicious asian food for thanksgiving. yes please. this was at the angs'
sam and i. look at the amount of food on our plates! i was dying at half a plate!
singaporeans thanksgiving party
these people are like family to me. love having gatherings with them!
and then this was from saturday after shopping the whole afternoon. i was really craving some guru's and so we went and got guru's and omg, i just love the sweet potato fries there!
we saw this funnel cake plus ice-cream thing from coldstone while shopping at the mall and decided we had to have it after dinner. it was very disappointing :(

other things that have happened:
christmas shopping at the disney store
playing with angry birds at walmart haha
my latest obsession with learning how to fishtail braid, etc
饺子 gathering with mission friends
ghiradelli brownies for myra's birthday!

my sisters just came home from walmart and they bought me this nice and warm christmasey fleece blanket. oh life is so good!
so grateful for so many things and i've been thinking a whole lot about gratitude ever since thanksgiving.
alright, that was a ton of photos and now im off to drown in homework! goodnight!


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