Sunday, November 13, 2011

"oh you're the disney girls"

today shirley and i had the chance to go up to pleasant view to attend kenzie's homecoming.
i hadn't seen kenzie since march 2009 so needless to say, i was super excited!
i love that girl so much! she's grown so much but she still such a disney princess. gotta love it!
listening to her talk made me teary-eyed a lot.
these are some things i loved from today:
  • Be a missionary all your life
  • Salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy.
  • Christ is a living person, he's not just someone we talk about and read about.
  • I don't think we teach as much as we help someone remember.
  • In order to find the purpose of our life, we have to lose it.
  • When things are hard, the Spirit brings peace.
words cannot describe how much it meant to me to hang out with these 2 today.
made it an amazing (even though it was long with all the driving) day.
and shirls and i were talking in the car about how we love it when we go to bridal showers, baby showers, etc for any one of the disney girls and people ask 'how do you know XX' and we say 'oh we were room-mates at disneyworld' and they would go 'oh you're the disney girls!'
the disney girls. love it.
oh and p.s. shirley and mike are just SO CUTE. im so excited for them to get married!
anyway, kenz, please drive down here soon and we can have a sleepover and chat all night!
(ooh and go see mag's baby once she's used to the no sleep+being a parent thing haha).

today, im grateful for the amazing, long-lasting friendships i've had over the years. thank you.


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