Tuesday, November 8, 2011

such is life

i really have not really posted a proper post since sept or so i think.
therefore, i decided to just take some time away from homework and life and blog for real.
opening the mailbox today was a pleasant affair as i took out nice surprises one after another.
first was a letter for dearest yan yan. made my day to see the envelope addressed to "charlotte 씨" haha
and then there was the tickets to the christmas devotional! yay for the chance to be in the conference center again listening to the prophet.
that aside, what else has been going on with life? lets see, oh yes, internship applications and interviews.
so last week was crazy internship applications week for me with one deadline on monday, one on tuesday and a last one on friday.
the monday and tuesday ones were fine but the friday one just about killed me mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, etc haha. mainly because of this thing:
that portfolio cost me almost $25 (printing on nice paper in color, buying the folder and sheet protecters, etc) and took me who knows how many hours to put together. 46 pages of goodness.
after this bad boy was printed and compiled and turned in, i felt like i could breathe again. actually, after we sent it for printing, gabe, sarah, steve and i headed over to the cougareat where sarah and i got yummylicious strawberry sundae crunch ice-cream and the boys got subway. but then we had a panic attack when we called the copy center after an hour and a half and they were apparently having problems printing our portfolios but everything turned out fine in the end.

so last week was crunch time for applications with an interview thrown in in that mix and then this week i've had another interview and im starting to really seriously think about which internship to take if i get offered any of them at all.
last thursday i had my interview for the washington seminar and it went well. they said they would get back to us by today but nick, jessica and i have not heard anything at all so who knows. problem with washington seminar is, they only give you a couple of days to decide if you're going to commit to it.
today, i had my interview with tom knox for the edelman internship.

i was super nervous since edelman is THE #1 PR agency in the world and so i prepared like crazy. it went super good and it was really nice cause i went in, sat down and he started with, "you come here with strong recommendations from the faculty. they said you have great organizing and teamwork skills..." i was very surprised (naive me forgot that top companies normally talk to your professors and what not before they even interview you).
we also had the chance to have lunch with him (my interview timeslot was perfect cause it was at 11.45am and the lunch was right after at 12pm) and just interact with him on an informal basis. it was great. i think im getting used to this whole corporate thing haha.
went down to the lab after and the first thing jeff said to me was, "did you interview with edelman yet?" so immediately i knew that tom knox had talked to jeff before interviewing me haha. come to think of it, i saw on tom's schedule that he had breakfast with the PR faculty before any interviews started and so that must have been where he had the chance to get all that information about us haha. pretty sure he talked to brawlins haha.

anyway, edelman will probably take a few weeks to decide and then NYC internship results are only out on december 12 and so im just waiting right now. i just hope that i will not have to make any decisions to pass up an offer while waiting for NYC. i wish they would let us know about NYC earlier cause thats always been my top choice! i don't want to take any risks.
had the chance to talk to jeff today while we were waiting for stuff to get done at the copy center and while walking back too. im amazed that he knows exactly which internships i applied to (i've never mentioned anything) and am touched that he wants to give me advice. his advice: edelman is a good thing to put on your resume but in terms of future career, it would put me straight into a public policy position there (not really too into public policy). also, edelman pays for housing, food, car rental and you get an hourly pay too. NYC does not guarantee placement but i have a good chance of getting it. nothing is paid for=super expensive.
ahh decisions decisions decisions. i just don't want to ruin any future opportunities because an internship could take me places! this is when i wish i didn't complete my undergrad so fast because i could use another summer for internships.
so while looking for nice NYC photos, i felt my heart start to pound faster and i really think i belong in this city. please let me get the internship!
and i will for sure have to visit these two places! plus look for the best macaron places in town!
speaking of macarons, i had super yummylicious macarons on saturday night right after dinner at the riverwoods.
i had a pumpkin pie one and totally fell in love because i love pumpkin baked goods, esp. during this season!
sammie had a hazelnut one and it was really good too! you should go get one. its called le petit macaron and its located just outside la jolla (http://www.lepetitmacaron.com/). loved it and totally want more! it made me crave for les madelaines cause they have good macarons!

anyway, so thats my life situation right now. if anyone has any advice whatsoever regarding an internship, life, etc, i would love to hear it!

and now, i shall close with sam's birthday celebration on saturday night!
we decided to go to la jolla and it was actually a really nice restaurant with super nice ambience.
i love that the menu is green!
look at the nice lemon trees set-up! and the rolls were delicious. it was the right amount of flakyness, if that even makes sense.
we got the spinach artichoke dip for starters. the crusade toasts were nice but i think the dip was a little salty and too much for me. but totally personal opinion. and there was leftover dip since you can't fit all of that on your 5 sad pieces of toast there haha.
the birthday girl enjoying her food - she ordered the shrimp pasta in orange butter sauce
i had the chicken pesto pasta and rissa had the ahi-tuna salad. my pasta was a little dry for my liking but it was definitely healthy tasting.

and i put this on here cause i think we look really alike here hahaha
we had this lemon cake thing for dessert and i wasn't impressed at all.
 my cheekbones are no joke haha
we spent some time just walking around riverwoods and they have really nice heater lamp-post things. so awesome!
check those out. oh and if you want to get the most heat in the pavilions, feel free to stand up very unglamly on the bench like me and reach for the heat hahaha!
the lights were simply too pretty and it made it such a nice place to walk in.
ahh, i just love the beauty of the holiday season. totally looking forward to being with family this christmas in singapore! i've already started listening to christmas songs!
and here's a photo from sunday night to end things off:
so grateful for great friends!

on a serious sidenote, my grandmother is in the hospital. please pray for her.
we absolutely love her to bits and she's just had to go through too much this year!


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