Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas vacation thoughts

i've been wanting to blog for awhile but i keep pushing it aside.
its been good but weird to be home.
its been really good to be in singapore and to be with family but its so weird to be with friends to be honest, esp. since all my friends are so different.
i've also been reminded of how being back in the states for 9 months has sucked away my singaporean-ness once again and actually, i feel like a better person when im in utah.
monday, tuesday and wednesday i got to just hang out with my mother and sister and that was fun (minus the rain)
sam and i on the flight home - i watched the classic, my sassy girl and the help! awesome awesome movies!
first meal after coming home at sushi tei - ramen, garlic fried rice, tempura, dragon roll and soft shell crab sushi

monday: lunch at sushi tei, pedicures, visited grandma (yay!), went to bugis and sim lim square and then had hokkien mee and fried carrot cake for dinner. it rained like crazy and so it was really annoying.

tuesday: i woke up bright and early to go for my dental appointment, got there and realized that i forgot to bring my retainers (ahh kill myself) and so i came home and then we headed out for lunch. we had dim sum at yum cha! followed by 4 hours of karaoke - loved singing all the old school songs (!! my poor voice) and then we went to nex for some shopping and i had yummy satay for dinner!
i love dim sum so much
haha i love this picture. i whipped out my camera and they tried to take cover!
we had this huge room (this photo only shows one third of it) all to ourselves!
singing my lungs out while getting comfortable haha

wednesday: went to the singtel com centre to fix my iPhone problem. turns out i just need to take off the sticker layer thing they paste on the new phones and i could hear just fine. felt like an idiot. then we did some awesome shopping at H&M (so much better than the one in utah and the sale was really good!) and topshop followed by lunch at waraku! can't get enough japanese food right. followed by some last minute christmas shopping.

wednesday night: met up with the dancers. when i got there, only pris and boons were there. it felt super awkward for some strange reason and then the rest came and it was semi-awkward (i have no idea why, esp. since we just met up a ton at the beginning of the year) but we were fine after awhile. pris got a place in punggol! so excited for her! its so crazy though. all my friends in utah are either married or having babies and i was fine with that since thats normal. but when my friends in singapore start getting married/preparing for it, it scares me because we normally get married late in asia. i guess i really need to get going with this dating/marriage thing. we had our annual gift exchange too and i loved the expression on the dancers' faces when they squealed over the photobook haha. we've been through so much together - 7 years! and everyone said i still look the same. don't know if thats a good or bad thing haha.
pris and yingli
gwen and boons!
photos help us preserve such memories
friends since we were 17!

thursday: lunch and movie with eeli. we had colorful xiaolongbaos at paradise dynasty! it was SO GOOD! the flavors were black truffle, original, szechuan pork, garlic, cheese, foie gras, crab roe and ginseng. eeli and i felt like food connoisseurs as we tasted each one carefully and discussed the flavor haha. it was fun! we walked around while waiting for our movie to start and we went to SO MANY cute stores. it was awesome! and then the movie was so heartwarming. eeli and i have had a christmas movie tradition for years and so it was extra special :)
random sidenote: took a cab to town and got a really nice cabbie. he didn't want me to get stuck in traffic and pay more plus waste time and so he dropped me off at novena and i just took the train down to orchard (2 stops).
poor eeli was sick but she still came out to meet me :)
don't they look so pretty? the black truffle was really good!
our regular shot!

friday: woke up bright and early to drive my mother to work and pick my daddy up from the airport. driving in singapore is so annoying. the moment people signal, they squeeze out into your lane! anyway, random sidenote, its so humid in singapore that my curls don't stay at all after i curl my hair. so annoying! had lunch with candice at tampopo. japanese food again! love talking to that girl! she's so hilarious and she was totally glowing when talking about her love life. my sc friends and my sa friends are so different! and my personality is like half sc half sa hahaha.  randomly met anne cheng too cause candice was meeting her after and omg, its been 10 years or sth since i last saw her. crazy!
spent the rest of the day putting my photos from the past year (and some mission photos) in albums and reflecting on my year. its been quite a year and i can't believe its the year of the dragon next year which means i'll be really old!
twinnies for life!

saturday: christmas eve! christmas is so weird this year cause half of my extended relatives are overseas and so no christmas party for us this year like usual :( and my mother worked the whole day so it was just slacking and shopping time with the father! i hope my parents love our christmas presents cause they're pretty great!
our dinner for christmas eve this year ;)

and right now i need to go to bed cause church is at 9am tmr morning. oh and before the new year im going to put together an A-Z list for the year like hayley did. been thinking about it all day and im super excited to do it! also received the woos christmas card today and omg hannah is SO CUTE. omg my christmas break back here is half gone :( one more week to enjoy! lets go! merry kissmas everyone! have a good one!


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