Wednesday, December 7, 2011

love was made for me and you;

it still feels so so so surreal.
best early christmas present!
i remember talking to samantha shirley (now urano) one day in abbotsford and her telling me about how she did the new york program and loved it and i knew then that new york would be my plan.
came back to BYU in april and realized that i didn't know anything about PR anymore and that i had no portfolio to showcase anything and i didn't know the professors well at all.
so spring term i started doing bradley and was so lost.
summer term was too busy for me with 8 credits and so i didn't do anything with bradley.
and then right before fall semester started, gabe, my groupmate from comms 318 in the spring, called and asked if i was interested in being an account executive for bradley.
i decided to take up the offer and have been working my butt off ever since then.
i also signed up for PRSSA and did some hardcore writing with the newsletter and editing as well as made sure i went to meetings, esp. when we had mock press conferences with SPJ, etc.
in the meantime, i made sure that i did amazing in classes and built up relationships with the professors.
looking back at the last 8 months, its truly been amazing and i love doing PR!
all that hard work landed me 2 amazing internships and i couldn't wish for anything better than the new york internship :)


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