Sunday, January 22, 2012


skype made me feel like i was at my grandma's house spending the chinese new year in singapore.
we skyped with them for 3 hours and watched as each family arrived, exchanged their new year greetings and collected red packets. it was so heartwarming to me.
and while im at it, here's all my wishes for everyone for the new year: 恭喜发财! 龍馬精神! 萬事如意! 心想事成! 恭賀新禧! 大吉大利! 五福臨門! 出入平安! 年年有餘! 快高長大! 招財進寶! 生意興隆! 盤滿砵滿! 笑口常開! 天天向上! 如意吉祥! 迎春接福! 金玉滿堂! 大展鴻圖! 吉慶有餘! 一本萬利! 福壽雙全! and lots more!
missing chinese new year in singapore this year has been so hard. no idea why. and its got me thinking that i really need to hurry up and move back to singapore. i love chinese new year too much to live and work in the states. i want to be a part of the chinese new year celebrations each year and i want my children to be able to have that experience as well and to love it as much as i do. i worry about moving back to singapore unmarried because there's no one to marry in singapore but recently i've been thinking that i just need to move back and put all my faith in the Lord that He has something prepared for me.
next year, next year i will be there to eat the goodies and be with family!


CNY eve = time for new year PJs

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