Tuesday, January 24, 2012


CNY facts #2: day two - when married daughters visit their birth parents, relatives and close friends.
Some people also believe that the second day is the birthday of all dogs and they give them lots of special treats.
For the first day, we talked about red packets.
Today, we'll talk about oranges. Normally when you go to a relative's house to visit during the chinese new year, you'll bring 2 oranges with you to bai nian (拜年). You'll give the oranges to your relatives and say some auspicious phrases. They will accept the oranges, get some oranges from their basket and give them to you with some auspicious phrases too. The exchange of oranges represents an exchange of blessings for the new year.
And since we're talking about greetings, here are some common ones:
新年快乐 (Xīnniánkuàilè): Happy New Year
恭喜发财 (Gōngxǐfācái): "Congratulations and be prosperous" (loose translation)
迎春接福 (Yíngchúnjiēfú): "Greet the New Year and receive blessings/encounter happiness"
萬事如意 (Wànshìrúyì): "May all your wishes be fulfilled" 
心想事成 (xinxiangshicheng): "May you accomplish everything you hope to accomplish"
大吉大利 (dajidali): "Much luck and prosperity"

the weather was beautiful today and so my sisters and i took a little walk and enjoyed the beauty that last night's snow brought us.
and i was thinking about this today: my cousins (dad's side - the LDS side haha), sisters and i normally wear dresses and skirts during the new year. its like a tradition. no one wear jeans and i think thats cause of our upbringing in the church and how we associate respect and formal-ness with sunday best. interesting huh.
beautiful background
love the pavilions they have around BYU campus
playing around at the rock structures
look at all the snow we got
the sun was setting so it was gorgeous!
with the mountains

and then we spent a really long time jumping and jumping and jumping haha:



  1. love this. and i learned so much!

  2. the snow is so pretty (well, for now haha). hehe im glad at least someone is learning something hahaha